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Relaxing at Tlaga Singha Infinity Pool Bali and Its Beauty

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Relaxing at Tlaga Singha Infinity Pool Bali and Its Beauty

Tlaga Singha Infinity Pool

What do you expect from a vacation? Of course, relaxing and having fun. Yes, what else can you do to escape the fatigue of work if not by enjoying the beauty of Bali while relaxing? We have a highly recommended relaxing spot in Bali, Tlaga Singha Infinity Pool. This pool offers breathtaking views. Here’s an overview and location of Tlaga Singha Infinity Pool.


Overview of Tlaga Singha Infinity Pool

Tlaga Singha Infinity Pool is a tropical swimming pool in Bali with world-class facilities. This pool offers beautiful views for relaxation and a restaurant serving delicious Indonesian cuisine.

This pool is truly the perfect definition of relaxation. You can swim under the warm sunlight combined with the coolness of Bali’s tropical forest. Additionally, you can enjoy your meal in the pool while playing in the water and chatting with family or your partner.

Tlaga Singha Infinity Pool is located in Gianyar, Bali, specifically in Singapadu village, near Ubud. From its location alone, we can already imagine that Ubud itself is a nature tourism village with extraordinary natural scenic beauty. With its close proximity, you can combine an adventure exploring Ubud’s landscape with relaxing at the beautiful pool.

The cost of this pool is also quite affordable, with a variety of reasonably priced food options. If you plan to vacation here, make sure you have ample time. Why? Because Tlaga Singha’s location is close to other great tourist attractions like Bali Zoo, Bali Bird Park, ATV Ubud Bali, and various art centers in Bali.


What Makes This Swimming Pool Attractive?

This swimming pool has quite a compelling appeal. It’s truly a perfect location to unwind and clear your mind. The pool boasts clear water and is spacious enough to be enjoyed fully. Tlaga Singha Infinity Pool is also known as Tlaga Sigha River Country Club Bali.

The swimming pool indeed is the main attraction of this place, but there’s more to do than just swimming. There are various facilities and interesting events as well. Here are detailed points about the beauty of Tlaga Shinga:


1. Proximity to Forest and River

Tlaga Singha Infinity Pool

Relaxing by playing in the water amidst cool air from the trees is incredibly soothing. Tlaga Singha Infinity Pool is nestled in a lush green forest. Not only that, besides enjoying the forest view, you can also admire the river landscape with trees on both sides. This scenery is truly mesmerizing and will captivate you for a long time. The sound of water, the breeze, and the cool air will enhance your relaxation, making you want to spend more time soaking in this amazing pool.


2. Unique Pool Design

Tlaga Singha Infinity Pool

The design of Tlaga Sigha pool is uniquely tiered and resembles a beautiful lagoon. Water flows from the upper pool, filling all sides and continuing down to the lower pools. The water in this pool is always clean and fresh as it is continuously circulated, not just stagnant water with added clarifiers. The blue color of the water is refreshing to the eyes, complemented by the green hues of the surrounding trees.


3. Nature-themed Restaurant Integrated with the Pool

If you get hungry, worry not because at this pool, you can directly order delicious Indonesian dishes. You might even need to step into the pool area to place your order. Your food will be served in a floating container that you can take anywhere in the pool area. So, you can enjoy your meal while soaking in the pool. You don’t need to worry about the pool getting dirty from leftover food because the water continuously flows, ensuring it remains clean.


4. Events at Specific Times

At certain times, Tlaga Singha also hosts exciting events to liven up the place. These events are aimed at entertainment and introducing Tlaga Singha to visitors. Activities such as cooking classes, yoga sessions, and salsa dancing are organized during these events.


5. Comprehensive Facilities

Imagine an internationally-classed swimming pool; it comes equipped with various facilities. At this location, there’s a meeting room that accommodates around 500 people, perfect for combining relaxed work environments. Additionally, there’s a spa if you seek the ultimate relaxation experience. You can also rent spaces at Tlaga Sigha Infinity Pool for your own events.


Combining Adventure and Relaxation Activities

This is a holiday option worth trying, combining adventure and relaxation at Tlaga Singha. Earlier, it was mentioned that Tlaga Singha is adjacent to Ubud, famous for its challenging ATV trails. You can combine these two activities for a more fulfilling experience.

You can start your journey by driving through the beautiful landscape of Ubud on an ATV. Ubud is a village that will refresh your eyes, with vast and dense forests that you can explore with off-road vehicles.

Not only that, you will also be taken to enjoy the beauty of Ubud’s extensive and green rice fields. You can also explore unique historical and beautiful places in Bali. Ubud itself is the island’s cultural center and a place rich in local culture. You can get to know the culture of the Balinese people by visiting this place.

In addition, you can relax at Tlaga Shingha Infinity Pool. After the tense and tiring off-road activities, it’s time to relax and end your trip by soaking in this beautiful pool.

You can also combine it with other nearby tourism activities. Or if you want a complete experience, please contact the Ubud tourism services.


Ubud Quad Biking for an Ultimate Holiday

If you’re looking for a comprehensive and affordable tour package, travel with us. Ubud Quad Biking is an experienced tourism service, specializing in ATV adventures. We will take you through places with stunning natural landscapes combined with challenging off-road adventures.

Experience the thrill of navigating through various bends, steep climbs, exploring rivers, and entering mysterious caves. We also provide pick-up and transfer services from your location, along with delicious lunch options.

Ubud Quad Biking offers a variety of uniquely collaborative tour packages at affordable prices to make your Bali vacation unforgettable. Visit our homepage or tour package page for more information. Alternatively, you can inquire directly via the contact information below.

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Relaxing at Tlaga Singha Infinity Pool Bali and Its Beauty

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