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Kuber ATV Quad Bike Package

IDR 550,000

Original by Ubud Quad Biking

Kuber ATV Quad Bike Package

Kuber ATV Quad Bike Package experience the ultimate adventure with the Kuber ATV Quad Bike Package, offering the best ATV waterfall and tunnel experience in Bali. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and enjoy a private track that promises an unforgettable day of excitement.

Embark on the Kuber ATV Quad Bike Adventure and put your courage and adrenaline to the test as you explore the breathtaking countryside of Bali. Accompanied by professional local guides, venture through rice paddies, villages, plantations, jungles, and rivers.

Your journey begins with a friendly driver picking you up from your hotel and taking you to Ubud village for the Kuber ATV Quad Bike Adventure. Upon arrival, a professional instructor will provide a briefing on ATV riding techniques, safety standards, and the ATV ride trek. The trek itself offers approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes of exhilarating exploration through lush green landscapes, waterfalls, rivers, jungles, and rice paddies.

Itinerary of Kuber ATV Quad Bike Package with hotel transfers :

  • 07:30 – 13:00: Hotel pick-up (timing depends on hotel location and your requested time)
  • Arrival at the Quad Bike Camp, where you’ll be greeted with a refreshing welcome drink.
  • Gear up with safety equipment including helmets and boots, and attentively listen to all safety instructions provided by your ATV guide.
  • Embark on an exhilarating 1 hour and 30-minute adventure, navigating through various challenges while under the guidance of our experienced guides.
  • Conclude your adventure with some playful exploration in the mud and water. Afterward, you’ll have access to shower facilities and the opportunity to change clothes before enjoying lunch.
  • Following lunch, your driver will be ready to transport you back to your hotel. Ensure you have all your belongings before departure.

Kuber ATV Quad Bike Package Price

We offer two pricing options for the Kuber ATV experience :

  1. Ticket without Transfer: Ideal if you have your own transportation arranged. After booking confirmation, we’ll provide you with the ATV office location details. Check our FAQ for more information.
  2. Price includes Hotel Pick-up Service: Opt for this option if you prefer the convenience of hotel transfers. Our private service will pick you up from your hotel and drop you off after the experience.

Kuber ATV Quad Bike Package Included :

  • Complimentary private hotel transfers (if booked with hotel transfers)
  • Welcome drink upon arrival
  • Expert ATV ride instructor
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Changing room and toilet facilities
  • Boots, helmet, and locker for your convenience
  • Lunch featuring egg sandwiches
  • Insurance coverage
  • Price is inclusive of 21% government tax and service charges.

Kuber ATV Bali offers three package options tailored to your preferences and schedule. These packages vary in duration and track completeness. Depending on your ATV driving skills, you can opt for a comprehensive track experience lasting 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours. Alternatively, there’s a shorter 1-hour option available, as well as a 30-minute package. Explore the details below to find the perfect fit for your ATV adventure.

1. Kuber ATV with Full Track

This represents the ultimate package available at Kuber ATV Quad Bike Bali Adventure, spanning a duration of 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours. The route encompasses a diverse landscape, including rice paddies, villages, valleys, forests, plantations, rivers, waterfalls, caves, and mud. It stands as the most thrilling and comprehensive ATV Ride adventure offered by Kuber Bali Adventure.

Price for Kuber Full Track
ATV PackagePrice Ticket OnlyPrice Ticket & Hotel Transfer
Single RideIdr 75O,000 / paxIdr 950,000 / pax
Tandem RideIdr  1,000,000 / 2 paxIdr 1,550,000 /2 pax

2. Kuber Quad Bike Adventure with short track ( 1 hour )

Lintasan ATV Kuber Bali yang Paling Seru dan Menantang

Kuber Bali Adventure is currently crafting a new package tailored for those seeking a shorter exploration of Ubud’s nature, spanning just 1 hour. However, this package excludes main attractions such as waterfalls and caves.

Despite this, the adventure remains quite challenging, offering a taste of ATV riding in the wilderness of Kuber Bali. With a track traversing rice fields, thrilling up-and-down trails, and exciting actions, this experience promises excitement.

Lasting only one hour, this adventure takes you through rice paddies, jungle paths, and undulating terrain. It’s the perfect choice for a condensed ATV adventure, with complete facilities provided. The only distinction lies in the shorter route compared to the aforementioned package.

Price for Short Trip in Kuber Adventure ( 1 hour )
ATV PackagePrice Ticket OnlyPrice Ticket & Hotel Transfer
Single RideIdr 550,000 / PaxIdr 750,000 /pax
Tandem RideIdr 750,000  / 2 paxIdr 1,200,000 / pax

Note : minimal booking 15 person for kuber 1 hour treck

Lintasan ATV Kuber Bali yang Paling Seru dan Menantang

Kuber ATV Quad Bike Adventure Rute

kuber bali adventure

One of the highlights of the ATV adventure with Kuber Bali is the opportunity to ride through the ancient Goa, dating back to the Dutch colonial era. This natural cave, once abandoned and eerie, has now been reclaimed as part of the ATV Adventure trail by Kuber Bali. Additionally, you’ll experience the thrill of riding an ATV beneath a waterfall amidst the jungle.

Here are the tracks you’ll encounter during your ATV Quad Biking experience with Kuber Bali Adventure:

1. Riding ATVs in the Rice Fields

Here, participants will receive a briefing on safe ATV driving techniques before embarking on the adventure. They’ll then journey through the rice fields for over 1 km, experiencing the thrill of driving their ATV at faster speeds. The track is designed to be safe for beginners, ensuring an exciting yet secure experience.

2. Down to the Valley

Kuber Quad Bike Adventure

After receiving initial training on ATV conditions and riding techniques, participants will descend into the valley. Here, teamwork is crucial as each participant must collaborate with others, ensuring a cohesive unit.

Collisions between participants are encouraged as it allows for mutual assistance in braking, enhancing safety measures during the descent.

3. Crossing the plantation

Upon completing the descent through the valley, participants can navigate their ATVs through the plantation area adorned with lush, shady trees.

This part of the track presents a thrilling challenge as it winds through the plantation with slippery terrain, adding an extra layer of excitement. Particularly during the rainy season, when the track becomes muddy, the adventure becomes even more enjoyable.

4. Passing Natural Rivers and Waterfalls

Once participants have navigated through the plantation track, they’ll descend to the river flanked by high cliffs on both sides. Riding their ATVs to the river’s end, they’ll be greeted by the sight of a pristine waterfall cascading right before them.

This segment of the Bali ATV tour often involves a stop beneath the waterfall, allowing participants to capture memorable photos of their adventure against the backdrop of cliffs and the picturesque waterfall.

5. Ride ATV in the Cave ( Tunnel )

Kuber Quad Bike Adventure

The subsequent challenge involves riding the ATV through a cave. The reverberating echo of the motorbike engines in the 500-meter-long cave creates an extraordinary experience unique to this ATV adventure.

Before entering the tunnel, it’s crucial to switch on your ATV lights to illuminate the path ahead, especially as it’s filled with puddles of water. This adds an element of excitement and adventure not typically found in other ATV locations.

6. Playing in the Muddy

This final track or attraction marks the culmination of the participants’ adventure before concluding the thrilling tour. Located right in front of the lobby, it offers participants the opportunity to race their ATVs to their heart’s content, adding an exhilarating finale to the Kuber Quad Bike Adventure tour.

Activities in Kuber Bali ATV

At Kuber Bali Adventure, we offer ATV packages tailored to suit the courage and age of participants. Whether you’re seeking a solo adventure or prefer to ride with a companion, we have options to accommodate your preferences. Choose from the following ATV packages:

1. Single ATV Package

The Single ATV package is a popular choice among adventurers because it allows you to ride an ATV without any passengers behind you. With this package, you have the ATV all to yourself, with only one rider and no passengers.

This option is perfect for adventurers who crave the freedom to navigate the ATV independently, without the added consideration of passengers. Whether you’re conquering challenging terrain or navigating waterfalls, the Single ATV package offers the ultimate adventure experience tailored to those seeking individual excitement and autonomy.

2. Tandem ATV Package

Tandem ATV Kuber Bali Adventure

Apart from the option of riding an ATV alone, there’s also the choice of a tandem ATV ride, typically favored by families with children. In this arrangement, children ride as passengers in the back, ensuring their safety throughout the Bali ATV adventure.

Apart from family outings, some prefer partnering up to conquer the thrilling obstacles together. With the ATV Tandem option, participants can also switch seat positions during the adventure, allowing for a dynamic experience where riders can take turns being passengers or take control of the ATV as the driver.

Additional Info

  • Single ride is One Bike for 1 persons, price per – person
  • Tandem Ride is One Bike for 2 persons, price per – 2 persons
  • Above price only for Online Booking with Ubud Quad Biking Company

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Kuber ATV Quad Bike Package

IDR 550,000

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