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Bali Zoo Ubud : Top Kids Activities that You Must Try

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Bali Zoo Ubud : Top Kids Activities that You Must Try

One of the easiest and most kids-friendly attractions that doesn’t require an outing is visiting the zoo, Bali Zoo Ubud is one of the most visited zoos and also the largest in the area. Located in Ubud, this place is also close to the Tlaga Singha River Club so after a fun day in the Zoo, parents can relax and enjoy themselves at the day club

For kids, this place has plenty of activities that could introduce them to the diverse fauna in Indonesia and the world. From riding a pony to a safari tour where kids can interact directly with the animals. So, if you’re planning on visiting Bali Zoo with your children this summer, here’s some kid-friendly activities that you need to try

Pony Riding

Who doesn’t like riding on a horse? Well, do not worry, your kids can experience riding a pony horse. They can tour around the safari accompanied by a friendly handler and watch lots of animals around the zoo. So Parents, do forget to take some good snapshots while at it.

To be able to do this ride, it is recommended that children must be above 4 years old and a maximum of 8 years old with a weight of not more than 30 kg, not only for your kid’s safety but mainly for the health, safety, and comfort of the horses.

Animal Feeding

Another thing that your children can do at Bali Zoo is feed the animals. This fun activity teaches children about compassion and also about the animal itself, you can buy the the food from the zoo or bring your own. Just be sure the food is safe for animals to eat, such as vegetables and fruits

There are several animals that you could try to feed. One of them is deer, you can find them during your safari tour, if your kids want to do a bit closer, you can try at the exit of the safari where many little deer are waiting to be fed

You can also feed other animals but mostly do this on a car or safari mobile. So be sure to prepare an adequate amount of food before doing the tour.

Jungle Waterpark

Being an all-in-one recreational area, Bali Zoo also has a waterpark which is perfect to beat the summer heat. What is better to beat the heat than enjoying a good splash at the waterpark, where there are lots of games and pool attractions like giant twirl slides and bucket showers that are going to make it enjoyable

You can also hold a birthday party here at the Waterpark, which is going to make your child’s birthday party more exciting. The ticket to this waterpark is already included in the Zoo admission fee, so it’s a great choice if you want to spend the whole family day without having to move around.

Elephant Mud Fun

This attraction is fun for both kids and parents. Who doesn’t love to spend some time having fun with the most caring and fun animal in the whole zoo, Elephant mud fun is another fun way for both parents and kids to bond together. Both can hand feed and bathing the elephant in the lake so be sure to bring out some changing clothes, sunscreen, and insect repellant.

There are two sessions to enjoy the attraction, the first session is held in the morning starting at 7.30 AM and the final session is held at 2 PM. As for the price, the adult pricing starts from 1215K IDR, and 427K for children, including towels, tea, snacks, and a full meal to recover your energy after having fun with these giant mammals.

Animal Presentation

Who doesn’t love a good show? Well, another thing you need to try at Bali Zoo is watching the animal presentation. Here you can watch cute animals such as otters, cockatoo, and many more.

There are two sessions for you to try, at the Green Stage which is where you can see the attraction of smart and cute animals such as otters, monkeys, etc which starts from noon, and at the Kampung Sumatera stage, you can see the variety of bird attraction. This one starts at 3 PM and of the whole show only last for 20 minutes long.

Other Activities for You To Try

Night at the Zoo

After a fun day at the zoo, but do not want to go back to the hotel yet, you can try Night at the Zoo which is a night safari. Here you can experience the animal’s nocturnal life, and have a chance to see and feed them.

The tour starts at 6 PM and guests can feed the deer at Deer Park, after that the tour guide will take you to see nocturnal animals such as snakes, owls, etc. If you take this program, you also will be provided dinner by the zoo which serves vegetarian-friendly dishes, Indian and BBQ dishes.

After dinner, you will be taken on a torch guide tour, and some of the tour will involve on safari car where you can see animals like tigers, and rhinos resting. The tour ended with the fire dance performance.

To be able to enjoy this night safari, you need to pay 1075K IDR for adults and 742K IDR for children, and please bring insect repellant and hand sanitizer before touring.

Breakfast with Orangutan

The most popular activity at Bali Zoo is breakfast with the orangutan. You can enjoy having breakfast accompanied by cute orangutans who they just a few feet away from you. Guests can enjoy a full buffet breakfast with a fun view of animals where you can try to feed them or they try to steal some snacks from you.

After a hearty breakfast, guests can also start their zoo tours or head out to enjoy the Ubud Jungle, which we already summarized for you here.


Bali Zoo Ubud is one of Bali’s top destinations for families. This all-in-one recreational space provides anything that could satisfy your children’s needs, they can also learn about biodiversities and animals.

Parents could also enjoy many activities such as Elephant baths, and night safaris that could add more adventure without going out from the zoo itself. So the next time you want to spend the whole day at one place Bali Zoo is the perfect place for you

Plus, you can book our breakfast with orangutan package to enjoy more of Bali and Ubud all at once.








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Bali Zoo Ubud : Top Kids Activities that You Must Try

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