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Bali Bird Park – Unique and Captivating Bird Conservation

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Bali Bird Park – Unique and Captivating Bird Conservation

Bali Bird Park

Bali has beautiful tourist attractions and is a unique icon of Indonesia in the world. Bali not only offers its stunning natural scenery but also its exotic culture, making it no surprise that this island is called Paradise Island. One of the unique attractions in Bali is the Bali Bird Park, which features unique bird shows and serves as a conservation area for rare birds.

For those planning a holiday to Bali, it’s worth visiting Bali Bird Park to see the beautiful birds and their captivating performances. We will also provide information regarding its location and entrance ticket prices. Read on for more details!

What is Bali Bird Park?

Bali Bird Park is a conservation area for various species of rare and exotic birds, both from Indonesia and from various countries around the world. Bali Bird Park is located in Batubulan, Gianyar, Bali. This location is a tourist village with extraordinary attractions.

Bali Bird Park was established around 1995 by Edi Swoboda, a German entrepreneur residing in Bali. His love for birds motivated him to collect various bird species from all over Indonesia and abroad, and care for them to be showcased to tourists. This park was built out of love for beautiful wildlife that needs to be protected and preserved by everyone in the world.

This bird conservation area does not only consist of birds confined in cages but places them in environments that resemble their natural habitats. This way, the birds do not feel stressed and lose their natural instincts. Additionally, the park buildings are designed in a unique Balinese style with brick temples, providing an artistic impression.

Facilities at Bali Bird Park

There are many facilities at Bali Bird Park that you can enjoy. Here are the facilities available in the park:

1. Reptile Park

In addition to various bird species, the park also features different types of reptiles. With collections from Southeast Asia, including various lizards, snakes, and Indonesia’s unique animal, the Komodo Dragon, the largest lizard in the world. Reptile enthusiasts will be amazed and satisfied.

2. Zonations Area

These are areas designed to resemble regions from Indonesia, Africa, Australia, and Latin America. You’ll feel like you’re traveling across different parts of the world in one park. Each zone displays various unique birds and characteristic gardens from different countries. If you are from these countries, you will feel like you are back home.

3. Open-Air Restaurant

bali bird park

If you are a culinary enthusiast, don’t worry. This place offers an open-air restaurant named after Bali’s iconic birds. Here, you can enjoy delicious dishes, both Indonesian and international cuisines, while experiencing dining in the open with the melodious chirping of various birds.

4. Unique Cafe

Besides the restaurant, Bali Bird Park also provides a café for relaxing. Unlike ordinary cafes, this one is called Rainforest Cafe. Here, you can enjoy snacks and drinks like refreshing tropical fruit juices and ice cream under the warm tropical sun.

5. 4D Cinema

bali bird park

There is also a 4D cinema facility where you can watch the best films not only with your eyes but also experience sensations with all your senses. With effects like thunder sounds, cool breezes, and various aromas, you will have a unique movie-watching experience.

6. Souvenir Shop

A visit to Bali Bird Park wouldn’t be complete without taking home some memorabilia. Here, you can shop for Bali-themed souvenirs with various bird-themed creations. The shop sells various accessories, decorations, clothing, and typical Balinese foods.

Bird Attractions

In addition to conservation, the birds at Bali Bird Park also perform various attractions. These include feeding the beautiful birds in the park, where you can give them food and see their cute behaviors. You will be provided with some bird food to interact with them.

You can also witness how birds of prey naturally hunt for food. This might be the real attraction, as you see how they behave and hunt in the wild. For instance, the eagle show demonstrates its sharp instincts and swift movements as it catches food thrown into the air by its handler.

With habitats designed to resemble their natural environments, you will feel like a part of nature. If you are used to seeing birds frightened by humans, here you will find the opposite. You will feel familiar with them, and the birds will casually fly over your head, creating a remarkable experience.

Additionally, Bali Bird Park also features various reptiles. You will see handlers feeding the Komodo Dragons. These large reptiles, often called Komodo Dragons, are fed by their caretakers. Unlike birds, these creatures are quite aggressive, so you can only watch them from a distance.

Entrance Fees

Entrance fees at Bali Bird Park vary between adults and children, with special packages for 2 adults and one child available at a lower price. Here are the fees:

  • Adults: Rp. 385,000
  • Children: Rp. 192,500
  • Special package for 2 adults and 1 child: Rp. 962,500

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Bali Bird Park – Unique and Captivating Bird Conservation

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