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6 Best Spots in The Kuber Bali Adventure

Original by Ubud Quad Biking

6 Best Spots in The Kuber Bali Adventure

If you want to experience an exciting adventure with your family, come visit Kuber Bali Adventure. The adventures at this location are suitable for various age levels, ranging from 7 years old to 65 years old, with a moderate level of difficulty. Your Bali adventure will be even more thrilling and unforgettable when shared with your loved ones.

Kuber ATV Location

Kuber Bali Adventure is located in Desa Payangan, Gianyar, Bali. It’s easily accessible from the main road, Jalan Raya Payangan. If you’re coming from Denpasar, it’s approximately 30 km and can be reached by car. Alternatively, you can contact a tour guide for convenient access

Adventure Route 

The ATV adventure route at Kuber Bali Adventure stretches for about 3.5km, depending on the path you choose. To complete the adventure, it takes roughly 1.5 to 2 hours. You can select the package that best fits your abilities and desires!

Here Are the 6 Spots on the Kuber Bali Adventure Route 

The journey begins at the Kuber Bali Adventure start point. Riders will receive a brief orientation from the guide on how to ride the ATV and the rules to follow (like rider safety). Then we start the journey, Let’s Go!

Terraced Rice Fields 

At the very start of the track, the first path takes you straight into the rice farming area. This terraced rice field area covers about 10 hectares and is composed of several levels. Terracing, also known as ‘sengkedan’, is a traditional farming technique that resembles a staircase with a certain slope.

The purpose is to allow water to flow from top to bottom, creating a natural irrigation flow that eases maintenance. The terraced rice fields you’ll pass are set against the stunning backdrop of Mount Agung. These terraced fields are often mentioned as some of the most beautiful in Bali.

You won’t stop enjoying the beauty of the green rice fields and the blue mountain in the distance. These terraced rice fields are a testament to the unique culture and local wisdom of the Balinese people.

Tropical Forest with Muddy Terrain 

Next, you’ll enter a lush and shady tropical forest of Kuber. Here, you can savor the scents of leaves, wood, and the distinctive earthy aroma of the forest. Visitors can enjoy this forest with its diversity of flora and fauna. The forest is dominated by tall and large trees, such as banyan trees, kapok trees, and coconut trees. The fresh air in this forest is unmatched!

There’s an area with muddy and slippery ground, making it a challenge for ATV riders to navigate. When it rains, this area becomes even more challenging due to the slippery soil and increased difficulty in passing through.

The path in the forest isn’t straight, mind you! You’ll encounter winding roads and some narrow spots. Stay careful so you can enjoy the fun of the adventure on the next track!

Ayung River 

The Ayung River is famous for its crystal-clear and refreshing water, with a hint of turquoise green. From the surface, you can spot the rocks and white sands at the bottom. It’s one of the longest rivers in Bali. In some areas, there are thrilling rapids that are a blast to cross on an ATV.

From the starting point on your ATV, you’ll reach the Ayung River in about 30 minutes. The river’s depth varies, ranging from 1 to 3 meters. As you ride through, you’ll feel the river’s cool waters splashing around

Also this place is perfect for tubing or rafting, which you can read more about it here.

Japanese Cave 

The allure of the ‘Japanese Cave’ makes it a sought-after route for ATV adventurers. During the Japanese occupation, this cave was used for the torture of Balinese people who resisted the invaders. This historical significance is a compelling reason why Kuber Bali ATV is a must-visit.

You’ll get to enter the Japanese Cave itself. It stretches 750 meters long with walls about 3 meters wide. Riding your ATV through, the 3-meter width might feel snug, especially with rocks lining the cave’s edges. Inside, you’ll discover stunning stalactites and stalagmites — just make sure to bring a flashlight to see them.

The Japanese Cave is located midway through the track. From the starting point, you can reach this cave in about 30 minutes by ATV.

Natural Tunnel 

After being captivated by the Japanese Cave, you’re in for an even more enchanting experience. You’ll pass through a natural tunnel formed from limestone rocks. Inside, you can find beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

This tunnel stretches for about 50 meters. Travelers feel the thrill of the journey, navigating through the dark and narrow cave.

Mud Drifting at Kuber Bali ATV 

Get your adrenaline pumping with mud drifting at Kuber Bali ATV! The exhilarating and joyful sensation of playing in the mud adds an unforgettable element to our memories. This mud is quite thick and slippery, making this area even more challenging. It’s guaranteed to be a blast!

The mud pool stretches for about 50 meters and is approximately 20 meters wide. Remember to wear dark clothes when playing in the mud! Here are some tips for you when drifting in the Kuber Bali ATV mud pool:

  • Reduce your ATV speed before entering the mud pool.
  • Because the track is slippery, turn the ATV steering wheel in the opposite direction of the turn.
  • Gradually press the gas pedal to maintain speed.
  • Keep your body balanced while drifting. 


Kuber Bali is one of the top regions for Quad Biking. There are 7 routes for you to try and all of them have some of the best scenery in Bali, 

According to us, the safest time during the dry season is the best time for an adventure in the Kuber Bali Adventure. The ground texture becomes dry and well-traveled. This is especially important if you’re bringing young children along.

If you do the ATV tours, be sure to listen to your guide as their information will help you along the way, last but not least, enjoy the ride

Experience the best of Kuber with Ubud Quad Biking

Blessed with rich and luscious greenery across the area Kuber is one of the Balinese destinations for Quad biking. You can enjoy a trail down from the Sengkedan to enjoy rafting or tubing in the Ayung River to explore the Japanese cave that is rich in history driving our latest quad model.

Whether you want to do single tour or combined package, we can ensure you will have a great time adventuring with us. All of our tours are already designed by local expert which makes your time here more memorable

To learn more about Kuber package, please contact our sales team or head to our office to learn more.



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6 Best Spots in The Kuber Bali Adventure

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