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Bali Tubing Spots to Enjoy Your Summer Holiday

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Bali Tubing Spots to Enjoy Your Summer Holiday

Summer is approaching and tubing is one of the activities perfect to beat the summer heat. Enjoy the splash of water on your face while tubing down the river or challenge yourself in heavier and steeper streams alone or in groups, the more the merrier no?

Blessed with cavities, rivers, and waterfalls. There are a lot of places to tubing or rafting in Bali and during holiday seasons like summer, the amount of crowd is increasing. Being early means more time to enjoy

And here are our guides on Bali Tubing spots that are perfect to start your summer holiday

Lazy River Penarungan

Located in Tegalang, Ubud. This tubing spot is known for its cave which was discovered during Japanese colonialism. Enjoy the calm stream surrounded by beautiful rice paddies before delving deeper into the cave where the atmosphere will gradually change throughout the tubing.

You will be gliding through 15 caves which include 3 dark caves, and enjoy the mesmerizing sceneries of each cave revealing the mysterious aura brought by the remains of colonialism which makes this 1.5 Km tubing journey much more exciting and more adventurous as each cave has different atmosphere and scenery.

After finishing the journey, guests could take a shower at the shower booth that is provided by the sites, then continue lunch at the local restaurant where guests can try local delicacies, or continue the journey to other attraction spots

Other Attraction to Try

Pasar penarungan

Want to experience the local traditional market after shopping? Try the Penarungan market which is located only a few minutes from the lazy river. You could explore the abundance of locally grown produce and try to buy some homemade arts and crafts as a souvenir.

Taman Beji Paluh

If you want to seek some tranquility, you can visit Taman Beji Paluh. Not only you can visit the garden, but you can also try their Pancoran Solas which many people believe has some medicinal benefits, especially for eyes and skin. To enter this garden, be sure to follow all the rules before entering the garden

Pakerisan River Tubing

As a part of a UNESCO conservation project, this river is also a favorite spot for tubing in Bali. Located in Tampak Siring in Gianyar, this 4.5 KM long river is surrounded by the natural condensation and curves that shape this river. You can enjoy more adventurous tubing here as there are 3 different levels of streams which range from level 1 – 3, with 7 different rapids.

While tubing, you can also enjoy the scenery of Tegalinggah Cliff which is located above the river, this ruin used to be one of the sacred temples in Bali before the major Mount Agung eruption in 1963 which demolished most of the large part of this temple.

Even though this temple is not as popular as the Tirta Empul temple many tourists and religious visitors from around the world pay tribute and lay some offerings there, for you who love architecture, history, and mystery this is the perfect spot for you

A piece of advice, if you want to visit this temple, best to bring your hiking shoes with you as the road conditions in this temple are very muddy and rocky, plus it’s slippery during the rainy season.

Ayung River

This is probably the most popular site for tubing in Bali because the Ayung River is the longest in the whole province at 11 KM long. You can enjoy tubing for 2.5-3 hours and enjoy the whole scenery of Bali from end to end. This river is also known for rafting excursions as the journey goes by the streams are more extreme, so it is not suitable for kids under 15 years old

Before starting your journey, you will spend 15 minutes on foot to reach the destination passing through the rice paddies, since the road around is very small, and the terrain is slightly slippery is better to not rush yourself and enjoy the panorama

When you reach the starting point, you will have instructions from the local guide, be sure to listen carefully as the Ayung River itself has rocky terrains and dynamic streams which are highly dangerous.

Wos River Tubing

Last on our list is Wos River, the 10 KM river is perfect for you who seeking adrenaline tubing but avoiding long duration like Ayung, and also good for someone who wants a little calm stream. The streams in this particular river are quite strong but not as strong as the Ayung River, it’s perfect in the middle of strong and calm at the same time

Enjoy the captivating scenery of a Balinese village with luscious greenery and a fresh breeze of air, and try to raft when you reach heavier streams to add a little challenge during your 60-minute journey.

After that, you can recharge at the local restaurants and you can continue your journey by riding a quad and driving around the village nearby.


River tubing is one of the activities that combine adventure, tranquility, and fun. This type of excursion can cater to anyone and is perfect for bonding with families and friends. However, be sure you choose the right place since not all rivers are safe for kids under 10 years old for example Ayung River has a rougher track and strong streams

If you still have the stamina to try other attractions, you can try visiting a local market like Penarungan, where you can visit their traditional market, or visit Tenggalah Cliff at Pakerisan, or stroll around the village near Wos River. But, we recommend you book a combination tour so you can visit many places at once

Whatever your preferences are, Bali tubing is the perfect activity for you if you visit the city this summer. So, be sure to add tubing to your adventure list next time you visit Bali.

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White Water Rafting Ubud

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Whether enjoying tubing with quad biking or tubing with other attractions, whatever your choices is, we can ensure you that you will have the best summer you ever had with us!

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Bali Tubing Spots to Enjoy Your Summer Holiday

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