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Bali Quad Bike Tours with the Most Comprehensive Packages

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Bali Quad Bike Tours with the Most Comprehensive Packages

Bali Quad Bike Tours

Filling your Bali vacation with ATV rides and exploring unique places is a fun holiday option. Surely there are many places you want to try and certainly many places you need to research. Additionally, you certainly need to manage your finances and adjust them to the available ticket costs. However, you don’t need to do that anymore because you can choose the Bali Quad Bike Tours package that will take you on vacation while exploring the uniqueness of Bali’s nature with ATVs. We will discuss it in detail.


Advantages of Booking Vacation Packages

Booking vacation packages in Bali can be more beneficial than going on your own and buying tickets individually. You might think that arranging your own vacation will save you money, but paying for a travel package won’t make you lose money either. Here are the advantages you can get.


1. Always Available Tickets

If you book tickets on the same day, the tickets may already be unavailable for you, or the tourist spots may have reached their quota. By booking a Bali Quad Bike Tour vacation package, you won’t run out of tickets. Because we will book far in advance and always provide vacation tickets to several tourist attractions in Bali.


2. Diverse Tourism

You may have just arrived in Bali and don’t know what places are on this island. We will introduce you and we have collected various amazing holiday destinations to make your vacation more diverse. From natural attractions, relaxing places, to exciting adventures.


3. Easier

Using the Bali Quad Bike Tours vacation package is certainly easier. You don’t need to look at ticket prices and book them one by one. You just need to look at the list of available vacation package prices. With just one payment, we will take you to visit interesting places and adventure with quad bikes.


4. Pick-up and Drop-off

Another advantage you will get is the pick-up and drop-off facilities from your hotel or accommodation. You don’t need to rent a vehicle again, or wait for public transportation. We will pick you up from your hotel and safely take you back to the hotel.


Vacation Options from Bali Quad Bike Tours

There are many vacation destination options you can choose with our package. The main thing about our package is the adventure with quad bikes. We will introduce you to Ubud, one of the places in Bali that has its own charm as an ATV track.

Ubud is very supportive of driving activities with four wheels. Because in this place, there are many forest roads, rivers, rice fields, and beaches. If you ask people in Bali about the best ATV riding spots, their answer will certainly be Ubud.

Therefore, our Bali Quad Bike Tours package will take you to play ATV and vacation to spectacular places. Here are some of our selected tourist destinations.


1. ATV Riding Adventure

Bali Quad Bike Tours

The main package we offer is an ATV riding adventure exploring the natural beauty of Ubud. This place is a paradise for ATVs with various exciting tracks. Exploring lush forests with winding roads amidst cool green rice fields will make your vacation experience even more memorable.

  • Prices start from IDR 690,000


2. Breakfast With Orangutan

Kuber Bali ATV riding package exploring the forests and villages of Ubud. In addition, you will experience wildlife tourism starting with breakfast with Orangutans at the Bali Zoo. After that, you will be invited to explore the zoo and see other unique animals.

  • Prices start from IDR 1,585,000


3. Night Safari Tour

Bali Quad Bike Tours

An exhilarating ATV riding package as you will explore the Ubud forest by ATV at night. You will experience the sensation of riding through the jungle depths only using ATV lights and the moon and stars’ light.

  • Prices start from IDR 2,355,000


4. Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

An ATV riding package in Ubud exploring forest and rice field tracks. After that, you will be invited to hike to the top of Mount Batur, one of the most beautiful mountains on the island to see the sunrise. Mount Batur does not require a long journey, so it can be done by even those who are beginners in mountain climbing.

  • Prices start from IDR 1,385,000


5. Kintamani Volcano Tour

If you’re not just interested in seeing the sunrise, maybe you can try something more thrilling. Try experiencing climbing the famous Kintamani volcano in Bali. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kintamani from the viewpoint and explore the extensive coffee plantations. You will also be invited to explore the Elephant Cave.

  • Prices start from IDR 1,135,000


6. Elephant Ride Tour

Bali Quad Bike Tours package explores lush forests to add to the excitement of your adventurous experience. Next, you will be invited to explore the forest and see forest animals in their habitat. What’s interesting is you will enjoy the journey by riding an elephant.

  • Prices start from IDR. 2,000,000


7. Bali Bird Park Tour

Bali Quad Bike Tours

If you’re tired of Orangutans, Monkeys, Elephants, and other animals. Maybe interacting with birds will be a new experience for you. Clear your mind by seeing unique birds at the Bali Bird Park with various colors and melodious chirping. Relax and interact with birds after ATV riding will be a fun vacation.

  • Prices start from IDR 1,200,000


8. River Ayung Rafting

For those of you who like rafting, this package will be very enjoyable for you. Enjoy the experience of exploring forests and rivers by riding a quad bike. Next, you will be invited to explore the Ayung River, the longest river in Bali, with thrilling rafting full of adrenaline.

  • Prices start from IDR 1,100,000


9. Telaga Waja Rafting

Bali Quad Bike Tours

You want a more challenging adventure. Telaga Waja Rafting can be a challenging Bali Quad Bike Tours package. After experiencing thrilling ATV riding, you will be invited to adventure again by exploring a river famous for its strong currents. In addition, the challenge you will feel is rafting in waterfalls with green cliff views.

  • Prices start from IDR 1,000,000


10. Wos River Tubing

If you like tubing rivers on your own, then this package is for you. Tubing package on the Wos river with river waves that will add to the excitement of your adventure. Of course, you will also be invited to ride ATV exploring the forests in Ubud.

  • Prices start from IDR 956,000


11. ATV Ride on The Beach

Bali Quad Bike Tours

Bali certainly has many beautiful beaches, it will be even more fun to enjoy the beaches in Bali by riding ATV. We have various packages to beautiful beaches in Bali such as Ubud beach, and the beautiful Tanah Lot beach. In addition, you can also snorkel at the Blue Lagoon Tanjung Jepun.

  • Prices start from IDR 685,000


The Bali Quad Bike Tours packages available above already include pick-up and drop-off and will take you to your destination. After completing all activities, we will safely take you back to your hotel. There are still many packages to choose from and of course all of them are exciting and impressive.


Choose the Best Vacation Package in Ubud Quad Biking

You are interested in various packages above. Book now and trust us. Your vacation will be very enjoyable with various adventures in unique places that you cannot find anywhere else. Choose and read information about all our holiday services in the package menu.

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Bali Quad Bike Tours with the Most Comprehensive Packages

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