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Best Kintamani Volcano Restaurant in 2024

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Best Kintamani Volcano Restaurant in 2024

Planning to dine out? Kintamani could be your option to enjoy the best gastronomical creations by Balinese top restaurants. Whether it’s Balinese/Indonesian traditional cuisine to Western cuisine, there’s everything for everyone

Enjoy dining with the majestic view of Kintamani Mountain and its surroundings with these recommendations we gather just for you.

Pulu Mujung Warung

Located in Batur, this cafe offers an impeccable view of the volcano caldera and a scrumptious Balinese fusion meal. This warung is also highly known for locally and organically sourced ingredients which is highly popular amongst vegan clientele

Even though the place is not too fancy, the food that they serve is delicious and worth trying. Try their unique “Romantic Chicken”, which is a grilled chicken with beetroot sauce, or if you like something sweet, try their “Dadar Gulung” which makes you want more

Not only the view, but the view of the Kintamani Mountain is very breathtaking, especially during the day. So, be sure to visit this restaurant before/after lunch hour to get the best experience dining with the view.

Lakeview Restaurant

Known as one of the best of Kintamani Volcano Restaurants, this institution serves traditional Balinese cuisine at its finest. One of their signature dishes that put their name on the map is the Mujair Nyat-Nyat and Duck Konyer.

Fortunately, this restaurant also serves other cuisines such as; Indonesian, Asian, and Western. Since this place is also part of the Lakeview Hotel, of course, buffet meals are available. The selection of cuisines ranged from Western to Indonesian classics.

And what about the view? Being near the Kintamani Volcano, of course, you have a chance to dine with the most incredible view of Indonesia’s finest natural wonders. The best to enjoy this view is in the morning when the air is very cool and you can see the sunrise from the horizon

Grand Puncak Sari

Being a minority in Bali is difficult for Muslim tourists, it is very hard to find good food yet safe for them. But not to worry, because we found a spot that is perfect for you who want to enjoy Kintamani volcano restaurants and serve halal food.

Grand Puncak Sari is a buffet/all-you-can-eat restaurant that fits large families or large groups of tourists who want to visit Kintamani Mountain because this restaurant can easily hold up to 500 people. Also, this place has hotels and is near Batur Trekking roads

Starting from 120k IDR/pax, you can enjoy the selection of food that could be chosen from. Most of the food served on the buffet is Indonesian or Chinese, but Western dishes like Beef Stroganoff are also available for visitors to try. If you have a meal coupon, you can enjoy the buffet at 100k IDR.

The view of this place is also beautiful, you can easily dine with the scenery of Batur Mountain and Lake. A little tip, if you come in groups, be sure to find a seat first before picking the meal, so you don’t miss the best seat to eat.

The Amora Bali Restaurant

Another famous Kintamani volcano restaurant that should be on the dining list is Amora Bali. This restaurant serves a heap of varieties of different cuisines. From Balinese traditional cuisines to sets of international cuisines from around the globe.

Not only that, this restaurant also serves buffet and family-size menus. So it’s perfect for those who came in a large group. If you are vegan and worry about not having plant-based menus, don’t worry this place also caters to vegetarians, so rest assured you will have a good meal and a good time here

Guests can also enjoy the selection of Alcohol/Non-Alcoholic drinks to accompany their meal and savor the incredible view of the Kintamani Caldera.


Kintamani Volcano is one of the few natural places that become major hotspots for tourists to experience the glory of Indonesia’s nature. Many restaurants offer nice views of the mountain, however, we pick these recommendations because not only do they provide amazing viewing spots, but also they serve some delicious food.

These restaurants also cater to some specific eaters such as vegetarians and Muslims who have a restricted selection of food that they can eat or customers who come in large groups.

So, we hope these Kintamani volcano restaurant recommendations can help you decide where to taste the richness of the Bali gastronomy industry.

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Have you ever wondered, why Kintamani is one of the hotspots for tourists to visit when they are in Bali? The answer lies in the glorious view of this volcanic mountain and its surroundings. The caldera formed after the largest eruption in 1963, and it’s one of the reasons why travelers from around the globe come here.

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The tour also includes visitation to some of Bali’s guarded heritages, from the traditional village of Penglipuran where you can experience the Balinese traditional houses and also the holy temple of Tirta Empul, and if you are lucky enough to come to of Balinese Hindu’s celebration, you’ll get to participate at their sacred tradition that has been practiced through generations

By booking this tour, you will get free accommodation from and to the hotel, complimentary snacks during the tour, safety gear, and free access to the Kintamani volcano viewpoint and Tirta Empul temple. So be sure to bring your camera and capture as many moments as you can

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Best Kintamani Volcano Restaurant in 2024

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