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Where is Blue Lagoon Bali? Best Snorkeling and Diving Destination

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Where is Blue Lagoon Bali? Best Snorkeling and Diving Destination

Where is blue lagoon Bali

Bali is a paradise for tourists. This island offers stunning natural beauty and a unique culture found nowhere else. One of the things that makes this island so attractive is its beautiful beaches. Besides enjoying the scenery and sunbathing, one of the most favorite destinations is snorkeling and diving at Blue Lagoon. Where is Blue Lagoon Bali? For those who want to enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery, read the following article to the end.


The Beauty of Blue Lagoon Bali

Blue Lagoon is a beach with beautiful natural panoramas. Blue Lagoon is located in Karangasem, an area situated in East Bali. This beach is known as an underwater paradise because of its stunning underwater scenery, recognized internationally. It is often referred to as a hidden beach.

Here are some of the beauties that will amaze you at Blue Lagoon Bali:


1.Underwater Paradise

The main attraction of Blue Lagoon Bali beach is its mesmerizing underwater scenery. Various species of fish swimming among colorful coral reefs will leave you in awe. You can enjoy this stunning underwater view by snorkeling.


2. Blue Sea Panorama

Where is blue lagoon Bali

The presence of coral reefs underwater makes the sea water at Blue Lagoon Bali turn blue when it reflects sunlight. You will be instantly amazed even by just looking at this beach panorama from a distance. On clear days, you can see the blue sky merging with the bluish sea water.


3. Beautiful Beach

Where is blue lagoon Bali

The beach scenery at Blue Lagoon is just as beautiful as its underwater view. This beach has blue sea water, with white sand that has large grains, because it is close to coral reefs. Additionally, the beach is surrounded by small green hills.


If you are a lover of beach and sea beauty, you will find it all at Blue Lagoon Bali. And if you are a tourist visiting Bali, this place must be one of your travel destinations. Next, let’s discuss where Blue Lagoon Bali is.


Where is Blue Lagoon Bali?

This beach is located in the village of Padangbai, Manggis Subdistrict, Karangasem Regency, Bali, Indonesia. The location is easily accessible; if you depart from Denpasar, Bali, it only takes about 1.5 hours by car to reach Karangasem Regency. Then you can depart via Padangbai harbor, and in 5 to 10 minutes, you will arrive at Blue Lagoon.

On the way, you will also find many road signs that will lead you to the beach. The access is easy, with no difficult roads that will hinder your journey to this underwater paradise.

Alternatively, you can hire a travel service to take you there. There are many travel services specifically for tourists that you can use. With these services, you can simply sit back and relax, enjoying the journey.

That’s the answer for those who ask, “Where is Blue Lagoon Bali?”


What Can Be Enjoyed?

With the many beaches in Bali, you might be tired of just sitting and enjoying the scenery or simply sunbathing. However, Blue Lagoon Bali offers exciting activities for you to enjoy. Below are some activities that will make you happy at Blue Lagoon Bali.


1. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is the main activity at Blue Lagoon. The beautiful underwater scenery will make you admire the nature and ecosystem within it. Various fish with different colors and shapes, along with exotic coral reefs, represent the natural beauty of the ecosystem at Blue Lagoon.

The shallow, wave-free waters make it an ideal place for snorkeling, or diving with simple equipment. You can rent snorkeling equipment from the drink vendors around the beach for IDR 100,000 to IDR 150,000 per person.


2. Scuba Diving

You can do scuba diving at Blue Lagoon Bali if you want a more amazing experience. Just take a short boat trip to the east coast of Bali, which takes about 5 minutes. Here, you can dive comfortably and safely because there are no waves and it is a calm water area.

You will be amazed by various types of fish that are more unique and of different sizes. One type of fish found here is the large Napoleon Wrasse, which can reach 1.5 to 2 meters long, with a funny appearance due to its big lips.

A reminder for all of us is to care for the environment, not to damage coral reefs, or even worse, throw trash. We need to preserve the marine ecosystem because the sea is a part of nature with natural beauty that we can admire.


3. Swimming and Sunbathing

Where is blue lagoon Bali

You might do this at other beaches in Bali, but the stunning views of Blue Lagoon Bali will make your experience more exciting. Therefore, you need to try sunbathing and swimming here while relaxing from your work that might be causing you stress.

You can also swim and sunbathe at Blue Lagoon Village, which offers a serene and relaxing holiday experience. This villa has a pool whose charm will make you want to swim.

Additionally, these villas are well-equipped with facilities like kitchens and free Wi-Fi. They are designed with a tropical atmosphere, with thatched roofs. Inside, they are fully furnished.


Blue Lagoon Snorkeling and ATV Tour Packages

For those interested in the beauty of Blue Lagoon Bali, we offer the best and most complete tour packages. We will take you snorkeling at Blue Lagoon Bali and Tanjung Jepun with the best, stunning spots. Not only that, but we will also take you on an ATV ride to complete your holiday.

You don’t need to worry as our package includes direct pick-up from your hotel. First, we will take you on an adrenaline-pumping adventure with ATVs in Ubud. Exploring the countryside and forests with challenging terrain will add excitement to your holiday. This package also includes an ATV guide.

After that, we will take you to Blue Lagoon and Tanjung Jepun to enjoy snorkeling at our selected spots with beautiful underwater views. We will provide the best snorkeling equipment to ensure the safety of your holiday.

You will also enjoy lunch at a local restaurant with the best menu that will satisfy your taste buds. And of course, we will safely take you back to your hotel or residence.

We offer affordable prices with the best service. For more information, you can visit our snorkeling package at or visit our homepage for other holiday package options.

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Where is Blue Lagoon Bali? Best Snorkeling and Diving Destination

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