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Ubud Tubing, Exploring the Stunning Rivers of Ubud

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Ubud Tubing, Exploring the Stunning Rivers of Ubud

Ubud stands out as one of the premier tourist spots in Bali. This place is often visited by hundreds of tourists, both local and international. This area in Bali offers breathtaking natural beauty, along with numerous exciting and thrilling adventures, one of which is Ubud Tubing.

If you are in Bali or planning a holiday there, you should make time to visit Ubud. You will experience a different kind of vacation by enjoying the richness of tropical nature while embarking on one of the most exciting adventures of your life. We will discuss one of the best holiday activities in the area, Ubud Tubing.


What is Tubing?

First, let’s talk about Tubing. You should know about this fun water activity. Tubing is an activity where you float down a river on an inner tube. It can be done with an inner tube or a small inflatable raft shaped like a tube.

Tubing is different from rafting. While rafting is done on an inflatable boat that can carry 6 to 12 people, tubing is usually done solo, with one person per tube. Rafting is typically conducted on rivers with strong currents and rocks, making it quite challenging. Tubing also offers a fair bit of challenge with a touch of adventure, allowing you to enjoy the surrounding river scenery.

Making rivers a part of tourism also has benefits. As a tourist attraction, the river is maintained and cleaned, ensuring its beauty for nature tourism purposes.


The Beauty of Ubud for Tubing

Ubud is known for its lush natural environment. It’s a popular choice among both foreign and local tourists who want to unwind and seek a peaceful atmosphere. The natural surroundings are a major draw; you will feel at ease just walking around this area in the morning.

Ubud features many parks and green rice fields, with a non-flat topography. The rice fields here are terraced. Additionally, Ubud has green forests often used for tourism, especially ATV tracks, which are major attractions in this area.

One particular aspect we will discuss is the rivers. Ubud also boasts rivers with beautiful scenery, often used for Ubud Tubing. There are at least three rivers in the Ubud area that serve as tourist attractions. Here are the three rivers:


1. Ayung River

Firstly, there is the Ayung River, which is the longest river in Bali, spanning 68.5 km and popularly utilized for thrilling rafting and tubing experiences. As you navigate this river, you will see beautiful views of rice fields, lush forests, and towering cliffs on either side, resembling a canyon.

The Ayung River is the main river tourism destination in Bali, not just because it’s the longest river but also because its strong currents are perfect for rafting and tubing.


2. Wos River

The best Ubud tubing destination is the Wos River. The tubing route on this river is relatively long, lasting approximately 1.5 hours.. Imagine enjoying the beauty of green trees and towering cliffs under the tropical sun.

The Wos River also has waterfalls and hidden gorges. Besides tubing, you can also enjoy bathing in the clean river water. Try climbing the gorges and diving into the river with your friends or partner to add to the fun at the Wos River.


3. Telaga Waja River

Ubud Tubing

While the previous river offers the longest tubing route, the Telaga Waja River boasts the longest rafting route.. It is also one of Bali’s best river tourism destinations, offering stunning natural beauty.

This river is famous among foreign tourists for its challenging currents, and one of the rafting routes here even includes a waterfall. If you love challenges, this river is a must-try spot that is both thrilling and refreshing.


The three rivers mentioned above are the best tourist rivers in Ubud. These rivers have clean and clear water, making them ideal for tourism activities. You can play and enjoy the natural freshness offered by the stunning surroundings, which is a rare find in urban areas.


Preparations Before Ubud Tubing

There are several things you need to prepare before starting this thrilling activity. Ensure you enjoy activities that make you wet and prepare your mental state, though there’s no need to worry as this activity is equipped with adequate safety measures.


1. Choose the Best River for Tubing

Ubud Tubing

First, learn about the rivers used for Ubud Tubing. Choose a river that matches your bravery level. If you don’t like too much challenge, opt for a river with a calm current that lets you enjoy the scenic views on either side.


2. Ensure You Use Safety Equipment

This is essential. Make sure you wear proper safety gear and that it’s securely fastened. Safety gear includes a helmet and a life jacket. The helmet will protect your head in case of a collision, and the life jacket will help you swim. Even if you’re confident in your swimming skills, you should still wear the safety gear properly.


3. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Another preparation for Ubud Tubing is the clothing you wear. Don’t wear thick materials like jeans and jackets, as they will feel heavy when wet. Instead, wear light and loose clothing that will still be comfortable when wet. You don’t want to miss out on enjoyment just because of the wrong clothing choice.


4. Find the Best Tourism Services

Ubud Tubing

Around the tourist rivers, there are many rentals and tour services for tubing or rafting. However, joining a tour program offers many benefits, such as experienced guides and their expertise in providing an impressive holiday experience.

Choose a good tourism program to get the best service, experience, and safety during your holiday.


Choose the Best Ubud Tubing and ATV Tour Packages

We recommend experiencing Ubud Tubing with Ubud Quad Biking. Ubud Quad Biking has over 8 years of experience and is verified.

Ubud Quad Biking will take you on an adventure through Ubud’s beautiful scenery, riding an ATV through dense forests, and then continue your adventure tubing down the river. Ubud Quad Biking offers the best experience with professional tourism guides.

Visit the Wos River Tubing Adventure page for more information about Ubud Tubing services, or check our main page for information on the best Bali tourist destinations. Enjoy your holiday and create unforgettable experiences with Ubud Quad Biking.

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Ubud Tubing, Exploring the Stunning Rivers of Ubud

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