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Tubing Bali – Navigating the Beautiful Ayung River Currents

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Tubing Bali – Navigating the Beautiful Ayung River Currents

Tubing Bali

Bali is an island with various well-maintained rivers. The traditions and myths in Bali play a role in preserving the rivers as one of their life supports. That’s why the rivers in Bali are well-maintained and even used as tubing tourism facilities. For those of you in Bali, you might want to try Tubing Bali, as one of the challenging games and adventures of navigating the swift river currents. We will provide complete information!


What is Tubing?

Tubing is a river sport that utilizes the swift flow of rivers. At first glance, Tubing is similar to whitewater rafting, but the difference lies in the equipment used. Whitewater rafting uses rubber boats with paddles that are ridden by 8 to 12 people or adjusted according to the size of the rubber boat. Meanwhile, tubing is done by riding inner tubes or pool floats shaped like tires.

While whitewater rafting is done together, tubing is only ridden by one person. Both still utilize the river current to propel the boat or inner tube along with the swift river current. Tubing also sometimes uses paddles, but this is quite rare; most tubing is done by riding inner tubes alone. This game is also sometimes referred to as river tubing because it is done in rivers.

Tubing in Bali is a popular river game in Bali. Many local and foreign tourists want to try this game to experience the adventure of navigating the river with its swift currents.

Nevertheless, this game is quite safe even if you have never experienced it before. This is because Tubing Bali uses complete protective equipment such as helmets and life jackets. Besides, you will also be supervised by experienced guides.


The Fun of Playing Tubing Bali

Playing Tubing in the rivers of Bali is a fun tourism option. Clear rivers with green tree views can be a place for recreation as well as refreshing the mind amidst the fatigue of your work. Besides, the charm of tropical Bali also becomes its own beauty to relax your body and mind under the warm sunlight.

Here are some fun things you will experience when playing Tubing in Bali.


1. Thrilling River Adventure

You will experience the excitement of playing in the thrilling river. The swift river currents with cliffs on your right and left, as well as some river rocks, will make your adrenaline rush. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you will undoubtedly experience an exhilarating adventure.

River tubing is not just about sliding along with the river current. The long and winding river distance will make you feel the sensation of sliding and occasionally sharply turning following the river’s flow. Besides, small rapids also pose their challenges in Tubing.


2. Enjoying the Beauty of Nature

Besides being thrilling, Tubing also becomes a fun tourism alternative. If you live in a big city, perhaps the tall buildings you often see will be replaced by cliffs and towering green trees.

Playing Tubing Bali, you will see beautiful scenery with a peaceful natural atmosphere, and of course, you will also breathe fresh air produced by the green trees around you. Not only that, but you will also see the diversity of fauna living in their habitat. Your ears will be pampered with the chirping of birds.


3. Fun with Friends and Partners

Tubing bali

Even though one inner tube is only ridden by one person, tubing can also be done together with your friends or partner. If tubing is done together, sometimes you will be lined up, and each inner tube will be connected by a rope. This way, you will feel the fun together.


Best Rivers for Tubing in Bali

There are several rivers in Bali that are favorite areas for tubing. This is seen from the swift currents, harmless small rock obstacles, and stunning river views. Here are some rivers that are often used for Tubing Bali games.


1. Wos River

Tubing Bali

The first is the Wos River. The river is located in Ubud, Bali, and is the best place for Tubing. This river has fertile land covered with trees and wild green plants, which adds to its natural atmosphere. Besides, the currents in the Wos River are also not too dangerous to be used as a tubing venue.

The Wos River also has waterfalls that add to its beauty. These waterfalls can be a fun water play area or a relaxing place to listen to the sound of water splashing into the river. Besides, this place is also good for taking photos to capture memories during your time in Bali.


2. Ayung River

The Ayung River is the longest river in Bali, which is also often used for tubing. This river is also located in Ubud with equally beautiful views. The Ayung River is adorned with lush trees and beautiful green rice fields. Besides, there are also several stone carvings in this river that become local Balinese art. The Ayung River also often becomes a whitewater rafting destination.


3. Telaga Waja River


The Best river for Tubing Bali is the Telaga Waja River. This river has small waterfalls that make the whitewater rafting atmosphere more thrilling. Besides, this river also becomes a favorite place for tubing. The scenery on this river is also not less beautiful than the previous rivers, with cliffs on the left and right sides, making the game even more exciting.


Riding ATVs and Playing Tubing in Ubud

Talking about Ubud would not be complete without riding ATVs. Ubud is the best place for ATV riding in Bali. This place has several exciting ATV tracks with muddy and dense forest tracks, as well as beautiful green rice fields. The track also passes through villages in Ubud with unique cultures.

Not only that, Ubud also has beautiful beaches that can be a fun ATV track in each of its vast beach areas. Besides, you can also play snorkeling exploring the sea to see coral reefs and fish living there.

Bali Quad Biking offers the best package for ATV riding and playing Tubing Bali. You will experience two challenging activities, namely riding ATVs through winding forests and also navigating rivers with challenging currents. This package also includes pick-up and will safely take you back to the hotel. The price we offer is also affordable. Visit the Wos River tubing adventure package for more information.

There are many tourism package options that we offer; of course, you will feel the sensation of riding ATVs in them. To see all our tourism packages, visit the Ubud Quad Biking website and experience an unforgettable experience on the beautiful island of Bali.

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Tubing Bali – Navigating the Beautiful Ayung River Currents

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