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10 Tours in Ubud Tourist Favorites That You Must Try

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10 Tours in Ubud Tourist Favorites That You Must Try

Tours in Ubud

10 Tours in Ubud Tourist Favorites

Tours in Ubud – Bali Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations among Indonesian and foreign tourists. The reason, because the island of Bali has a unique art and culture, natural beauty, and a safe environment.

There are so many interesting tourist attractions on the island of Bali, and you must visit while on vacation in Bali. However, due to the constraints of vacation time in Bali which is only a few days, not all tourist attractions on the island of Bali can be visited.

Maybe some of you will ask, what are the famous tourist attractions in Bali that must be visited?

To answer the question above, I have previously written about, 10 favorite holiday objects for Indonesian tourists in Bali. If you want to know more details, about tourist attractions on the island of Bali favorite by Indonesian tourists, please click the link!

In the page 10 favorite tourist attractions of Indonesian tourists in Bali, I did not include Ubud tourist attraction. Because Ubud tourist attractions that are favored by Indonesian tourists are very many. In addition, the area of Ubud tourist attractions is very large. Therefore, on this page, I will write a list of 10 tourist activities in Ubud that are favored by Indonesian tourists.

  1. Vacation to Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Tours in Ubud

The tourist attraction of Tegalalang Ubud terraced rice fields, is very popular with Indonesian tourists. Because the location of Tegalalang Ubud terraced rice fields is in the same direction as Kintamani tourist attractions. If you want to plan a tour to Ubud and Kintamani, you should see the Ubud Kintamani Full Day Tour Package that we offer.

The view of Tegalalang Ubud terraced rice fields is very unique. It has a slope of about 40 degrees. When visiting Tegalalang rice terrace, Indonesian tourists will take photos and hang out in one of Tegalalang cafes.

In addition, Tegalalang rice terrace, the island of Bali also has a tourist spot Rice Terraces in Tabanan Bali, called Jatiluwih terraced rice fields.

Cafe facilities for hanging out while enjoying the view of terraced rice fields, many are located in the Tegalalang Ubud area. In addition to hanging out, some tourists will walk around the rice field area and try the Bali Swing activity.

  1. Travel to Ubud Monkey Forest

Tours in Ubud

Almost most of the tour package providers to Ubud Bali, will include a tourist attraction to the Ubud Monkey Forest, in the Bali tour package itinerary. The reason is only one, because a lot of Indonesian tourists on vacation to Ubud Bali, want to visit the Ubud monkey forest tourist attractions.

The main attraction of the Ubud monkey forest tourist attraction, lies in the beautiful protected forest inhabited by many monkeys. Tourist activities while in the Ubud Monkey Forest are sightseeing, while taking photos.

  1. Rafting on Ayung River Ubud

Tours in Ubud

For Bali rafting tour locations there are three locations. They are Ayung river Ubud, Telaga Waja river Karangasem and Melangit river Klungkung. But the favourite location of Indonesian tourists for rafting activities is on two rivers:

  • Telaga Waja River.
  • Ayung River Ubud.

Especially for the Ayung Ubud river, it has river characteristics that are very suitable for rafting participants who first try rafting activities.

Rafting on the Ayung river is more recreational than sporting. Because the Ayung Ubud river current is not too heavy and you can see the beautiful scenery of the Ubud countryside by participating in rafting activities on the Ayung Ubud river.

  1. Ride a Bike on the Edge of a Rice Field

Tours in Ubud

Bicycle riding in Ubud, for now, is mostly dominated by European tourists. But since the film Eat, Pray, Love starring Hollywood actress, Julia Roberts. Many Indonesian tourists are interested in bicycle tours in rural areas, especially in the rice fields of Ubud.

Due to the high demand for bicycle tours on the edge of the Ubud rice fields, many outdoor activity operators, who initially only provided rafting activities in Bali, also provided bicycle tours.

Alam Cycling Ubud is one of the adventure tourism operators in Bali that provides bicycle tours on the Kintamani Ubud route.

  1. Culinary Tours on the Edge of Rice Fields

Tours in Ubud

If the best white sand beachfront culinary tour is on Bali’s Jimbaran beach, but for culinary tours on the edge of the best rice fields, Ubud is the place.

One of the most famous culinary attractions on the edge of rice fields in Ubud Bali is Bebek Tepi Sawah Ubud restaurant. The main menu of Bebek Tepi Sawah Ubud restaurant is fried duck or roasted duck, with a choice of 3 Balinese sambal.

Almost every day, the restaurant is crowded with visitors, both Indonesian and foreign tourists. The main attraction of Bebek Tepi Sawah Ubud restaurant lies in the dining area surrounded by rice fields. Want to try a culinary tour on the edge of Ubud rice fields, see the detailed info below!

  1. Shopping at Ubud Art Market

Tours in Ubud

There are many places to shop for Balinese souvenirs, one of the most famous is the Sukawati art market. Furthermore, the film Eat, Pray, Love, took an important role in the promotion of the Ubud art market, because one of the scenes in the film Eat, Pray, Love took place in the Ubud art market.

Since the film starring Julia Roberts brought up the Ubud art market, many Indonesian tourists are interested in visiting the Ubud art market. In addition to visiting, Indonesian tourists also buy Balinese souvenirs for friends or family at the Ubud Art market.

  1. Walk on Campuhan Hill Ubud

Campuhan Hill among young people is more famous as the hill of love. If you ask me, why is it called the hill of love, I don’t know the exact answer. It is possible that Campuhan Hill Ubud was given another name of the hill of love, because Campuhan Hill used to be very often used as a pre wedding photo spot in Bali.

The main attraction of Campuhan hill lies in the expanse of green hills that stretch high. Because of the beautiful scenery of Campuhan hill Ubud, almost every day, especially in the afternoon, Campuhan hill is crowded with visits from Indonesian and foreign tourists.

If you are looking for a place to see the sunset in Ubud, then one of the options is at the top of Campuhan Ubud hill. How about you! Are you interested in travelling to Campuhan hill Ubud? If so, find out the information below!

  1. Elephant Ride in Taro Ubud

One of the best elephant rides in Bali is in the village of Taro Ubud. The price for the elephant ride in Taro Ubud, for me personally, is quite expensive. But it did not discourage me from trying, even though I only tried twice.

The price of the elephant ride in Taro Ubud is very value for money. For example, the park and garden are neatly arranged, the elephants are very tame and fat, there is no odour from the elephants at all, the buffet food is all-you-can-eat.

The highest demand for elephant rides at Taro Ubud is mostly Australian tourists, while Indonesian tourists are more likely during the Lebaran holiday season.

  1. Bali Bird Park

Next, Bali bird park, one of the family tourist attractions in Bali. Most of the tourists who want to go on holiday to the Bali Bird Park tourist attraction, are tourists who are on holiday with children.

Almost every day, our customers who holiday with family and want to book Bali tour packages, will definitely include a route to visit Bali Bird Park Gianyar.

  1. Bali Zoo

Visiting family attractions in Bali is a top priority for most Indonesian tourists when holidaying in Bali. Because the average car rental plus driver service in Bali that we serve, will be on holiday with family and children.

One of the family tourism activities, which is preferred by Indonesian tourists while on holiday to tourist attractions in Ubud Bali is Bali Zoo.

The uniqueness of Bali Zoo, in addition to children can see a variety of animals, children can also play in the children’s pool, feed the animals, and watch bird attraction shows.

Enjoy a limitless tourism experience in Bali. You can also enjoy the excitement by renting an ATV from Ubud Quad Biking. Vacations will certainly be more exciting and enjoyable.

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10 Tours in Ubud Tourist Favorites That You Must Try

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