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6 Instagenic Spots and Activities at Tlaga Singha Bali

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6 Instagenic Spots and Activities at Tlaga Singha Bali

Tlaga Singha is one of the best pool clubs located in Ubud, Bali. It’s very well known for its infinity pool and day clubs, but also its yoga class and spa. Since the place is secluded in the middle of a forest, many people come to mesmerize in its majestic view.

This place is also very close to the Bali Zoo, so it’s perfect for parents who want to unwind after an exhausting day in a Zoo with kids, sips their signature cocktail at their pool bar, or get a massage at their spas.

This place also has wonderful au naturelle decor that fits the ambiance of Balinese rich culture and natural beauty. It’s perfect to take some good snapshots for your Instagram page

We will give you our top choice of Instagenic spots and activities for you to try at Tlaga Singha Bali.

Tugu Agung Lobby

The first of our photo spots is in Tugu Agung Lobby. Imagine by the time you arrive at Tlaga Singha, you are already welcomed by a grand and exquisite entrance. A two large hand-sculpted lion statue greets you like royalty with a beautiful pond circling the area making your entrance more luxurious

You can take a snapshot right at the entrance in between two statues with a unique cone-shaped rooftop that symbolizes the strong foundation of running a successful business and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Our piece of advice is to come early, so you can take as many pictures without bothering other visitors.

Bale Petung Restaurant

Another instagenic spot for you to try is at Bale Petung Restaurant. Built entirely using bamboo, this restaurant offers a romantic dining experience with locally sourced ingredients and scrumptious dishes that make your palette go wild.

The best view to take a shot here is on the deck area where you can enjoy a romantic dinner or simply have an intimate party on the deck facing the pool area. Or simply having a nice dinner while watching people sit by the pool.

Not only serving a good view, this place also serves many different styles of cuisines, from authentic and classic Indonesian and Balinese to Western fusion foods that could enliven your senses.

Poolside Area

This place is the main reason why tourists come to Tlaga Singha. This two-story pool area has the most beautiful backdrop of Ubud forest, and it has become the most popular spot.

Not only that, but guests also come to enjoy their cabanas. To enjoy the poolside area, you need to pay 200K IDR which already includes free drinks, snacks, and towels, you could also try their cabana packages which start from 500K and can fit four people

Our few top spots are in between the two flying lion statues, the edge of the pool faces the jungle. To get more intimate shots, you also can try to take a snapshot from the cave bed. However, to get access to the cave bed, you need to upgrade your poolside packages first.

Floating Brunch

One of the most famous activities for tourists in Bali is brunch by the pool. And what could be better than spending your brunch at the most picturesque pool in all of Bali, you can try their brunch float at their cabanas, cave bed, or at Tapa Pool Bar.

Our recommendation for couples is to try from the cave bed, as it has a more secluded ambiance to enjoy brunch with your dearest ones. Or if you bring families, especially children you can try to brunch at the cabanas.

You can also try brunch at their pool bar where you can also sip some fantastic alcoholic concoctions

Spa at Tlaga Singha Spa

If you need some relaxation, you can try their spa treatment. Starting from 300K IDR, you can enjoy a relaxing foot massage and if you want to experience a whole massaging treatment, you can pay 850K IDR where you can get traditional Balinese massages, flower baths, and traditional body scrubs made from local sources herbs and ingredients that good for your skin

Yoga Class at Tlaga Singha

Besides the spa treatment, you can also try the morning asana yoga class, which is held at Bale Petung restaurants. You can take the class with some friends and enjoy some relaxing sessions where you can stretch with the guidance of a certified professional instructor and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Balinese forestry in the morning.


Tlaga Singha Bali is one of the hottest pool clubs located near Bali Zoo, this place relies on its one-stop lifestyle entertainment center. where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Ubud Jungle while swimming away at their infinity pool.

Apart from the spots and the activities mentioned, this place sometimes held events like live DJ music and pool games that are perfect for spending time with friends or meeting new people. So check out their social media page regularly to get the latest event updates

Combining nature and aesthetics, Tlaga Singha is also regularly used for small and intimate weddings and dinner parties. Not only that, this place also has an auditorium hall that could fit 200 people.

To get in here, you need to pay an entrance fee of 200K IDR, which includes pool access and towels. You can also upgrade to cave beds or cabanas you will get an extra choice of meals that you can enjoy.

So, the next time you need an Instagenic place that is perfect for your social feed. Tlaga Singha could be your top option

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6 Instagenic Spots and Activities at Tlaga Singha Bali

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