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What is Tandem Quad Bike and Things You Need To Know

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What is Tandem Quad Bike and Things You Need To Know

Tandem Quad Bikes are one of the choices for riding an ATV besides solo ones. Usually, this type of ride consists of two to three persons depending on the capacity of the vehicle and its design. One of the advantages of tandem is you can bring your children or loved ones, however, it’s a bit more challenging than riding solo.

So, before you book the tour, please read our guides about tandem bikes and what you need to know before riding.

What is a Tandem?

Terminology-wise, this refers to two or more seats of any two-wheel vehicle, the seating arrangement of this type is not side by side but rather front and back. The design started in 1880 and evolved over time and with modern technology it also applied to off-road vehicles.

Even though it has the same name, the differences are quite significant in terms of design. The bicycle usually had two pedals as the main motor. Whereas for the ATV since has its engine, they don’t need human strength to motor it.

The design of the ATV is closely similar to motorbikes, it has a footrest to place the passenger’s feet.

Tandem vs Solo Quad Bike

If you are still confused about which package should you pick the next time booking an ATV tour. Well, here’s some of the differences for you to consider

Level of Excitement

If your goal of riding a quad is to seek a challenge, the solo package is more suitable as you have more control over your limit and you can challenge yourself to do some tricks along the way.

However, the tandem ones might not be as full of adrenaline and excitement, but it’s very suitable for a relaxed ride along. Because you need to consider your passenger safety and condition.


In terms of flexibility and versatility, there’s not much significant difference between these two. Still, this could be a pinpoint of your consideration.

For solo biking, you have control of everything. If you are daring enough, you can travel alone without guidance but of course, it’s at your own risk. But you can do almost whatever you want if you obey the regulations.

The downside of tandem riding is that you need to think of your partner/children before doing anything—especially those with a certain phobia or fear of something. Fortunately, if your partner has the same goal or passion as you, that is practically the same if you do solo riding.


When it comes to price, this could be a make-it-or-break point when you try to book an ATV Tour. Well, if you’re on a budget but want to accommodate another person like family or friends. Book the tandem tour is far more affordable as you can share an ATV, but the downside is one acts as a passenger and the other as a rider so it is a matter of teamwork to make it comfortable for both parties

However, if you have an extra budget on hand, solo rides could be the perfect option, as each and everyone has their vehicle and they can decide on their own whether to ride along the tour or go solo riding. Be advised that everyone needs to obey the rules set by the tour and the local law.

Which One is Better, a Single Tour or a Combined Tour?

After knowing the differences, here is another problem. Should I book a single tour or a combined tour? Do not worry, you still could use a tandem quad bike, it’s just what kind of tour fits your needs.

Well, again if you are an adventurer and challenge seeker, a combined tour with adrenaline-filled activities would be superb. You can mix ATV tour and rafting tour for more extreme challenges

However, if you just want to ride along and stop at places along the way, then a single tour would be a great choice as you can immerse yourself in the surroundings during the tour

How Much to Book a Tandem Quad Bike

If you want to do an ATV riding without the tour, you can rent a single ATV and request extra safety gear. However, most of the tandem quad is included in a tour. So, you can choose whatever activities fit your agenda, and the range of prices varies depending on the company.

But average prices for tandem tours in Bali start above 50 USD which is around 800k IDR, that is only for the ticket prices if you include other features like hotel transportation the price is around 90 – 100 USD, so please consult with agencies first before booking

In Ubud Quad Biking, however, starts from 110 USD not only you can do a tandem tour, but also you can enjoy some of our exclusive features such as transportation from and to the hotel, safety gear, and refreshments during the tour. The price might be different if you book a combination tour, so please chat with our sales team to find out more

Another Thing You Need To Know

Above all of the things mentioned, another thing you must know before booking a tandem tour is you and your companion. If you bringing children, please read the rules set by the agencies, usually children below 7 years old are not allowed to do tandem rides, and neither are elderly above 65 due to safety reasons.

Also, make sure you and your companion are in stable and healthy condition for riding. Do not do the tour under heavy substances and alcohol, and if your partner has an underlying condition be sure to check with their doctors first.


The Tandem Quad Bike is a perfect option for those of you who opted more relaxing adventure. Although it is different to each person’s tastes, still this could be an option if you bring children or anyone who doesn’t like extreme sports

It is highly important to consider the needs of your partner before booking a tandem tour. Because doing this requires understanding each other needs. You don’t want to have a huge fight and cause your partner to go back on its own right?

We really recommend you book a combined tour as you can enjoy different varieties of activities, whether it’s rafting or scuba diving or visiting the bird park. It’s better to have many options in one go.

The More The Better: Enjoy Bali More Together with Ubud Quad Biking

What’s more memorable than having to spend your adventure together with your dearest ones, and if you want to cherish those moments without having to spend more on two quad bikes? Well you can try our tandem bike tour by Ubud Quad Biking

You can choose a single or combined tour. There’s a lot for you to try if you and your friend are adrenaline junkies who long a thrill-seeking adventures, starts with our Real Jungle ATV ride, or if you bringing children and want to introduce them to nature try our Night Safari Tour or Breakfast with Orangutan at Bali Zoo Tour

The price might be different depending on the package, so be sure to contact our sales team or head to our office to learn more





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What is Tandem Quad Bike and Things You Need To Know

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