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Top Tanah Lot Sunset Spots in 2024

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Top Tanah Lot Sunset Spots in 2024

Being one of the top spots for photographers to capture perfect scenery in Bali, Tanah Lot is one of the Balinese beaches most visited after Kuta Beach. This place is a perfect hotspot for tourists who bring cameras around, mostly large and professional cameras. However these days there is an increase in smaller cameras such as phone cameras to go pro camera

Since many people come to Tanah lot during sunsets, be ready for a hunt to get the best spots possible. But do not worry, we will give you our top recommendation for enjoying Tanah Lot Sunset without dealing with too much of a crowd

Tanah Lot Temple

It is a widely known secret that the best place to take a photographic view is located across the temple. But, did you also know that there’s a place where you can take the shot with a smaller crowd?

Try to visit the Tanah Lot temple, where there are not many tourists around this particular side. The quality of the photo taken is not as picturesque as if it was taken from the top hillside.

Still, you can take some good sunset pictures, but not as insta-worthy as the iconic cliffside. However, if you simply want to enjoy the scenery it’s the best place to enjoy it as there’s less crowd and you can feel the breezing sea air touch your skin.

Our advice if you want to take a good shot from this place is from the sides outside the temple

Batu Bolong Sunset

Walk along across the beach from the Tanah Lot temple, passing the iconic Batu Bolong and you will find the best spot for taking the iconic temple photo, at least close to it. We recommend using the rocky side on the beach shore as the platform.

If you come from the entrance gate and want to come down to the beach, be sure to use the safe passage recommended by the officials. Yes, there is a shortcut, but best to use the safest way to avoid any problems later on.

You can also take the shots from this area and it’s the best spot you can ever ask! Less crowded and perfect angle during sundown. Plus it’s near the temple area.

After taking shots, you can sit down and relax in the cave, but since there’s crab everywhere in the vicinity. Be sure you watch out for any passing crab, so you don’t get clawed while sitting down.

Cafe Terraces Sunset

If you are tired and not planning to take any photographs, then why don’t you try enjoying the sunset while drinking coffee at the cafe terraces across the boardwalk? There are many cafes, restaurants, and warungs inside the area.

There are many options to choose from, from local delicacies to high-end Western restaurants with cocktail bars to enjoy the panoramic view. However, if you dine or drink at these places the price may be slightly more expensive than those located outside the Tanah Lot areas.

Still, it’s a good option for those of you who want to experience the iconic scenery and avoid the crowd.

Clifftop Boardwalk Sunset

This is probably the most popular spot to take the iconic Tanah Lot sunset shots. However, being a popular spot means you will have to deal with many tourists who want the same thing.

There’s a tiny chance for you to have a quiet time without too many crowds, especially during the sunsets when it’s peak hour.

So our little tip for you to enjoy from the top hill with slightly less crowd is to come slightly late, let’s say the sunset starts from 5.30 WITA, you can always come 10 – 15 min later where people start to leave from the photo spots.

Or, you can enjoy it in a spot located between Batu Bolong and Tanah lot. The place is still crowded but not as heavily as the Tanah lot spots. Or you could try from the cafes around the area.

Other Things to Try

After enjoying the panoramic sunset, there are a few things for you to do to spend the night out.

Kecak Dance

It wouldn’t be complete if you visited Tanah Lot without watching the iconic Kecak Dance performance. This iconic theatrical dance telling the folklore of Ramayana is another reason why tourists are flocking like crazy to visit Tanah Lot

The performance starts at 6 PM, in an Amphitheatre across from the Batu Bolong temple. To enjoy this, you need to buy a ticket that costs 100K IDR which you buy at the entrance gate. However, the show might be delayed or canceled due to the weather conditions.

Dining Out

After walking around finding the perfect spot to capture the best sunset, you must be hungry right? Well, lucky for you there are a plethora of cafes and restaurants for you to try. But you need to hurry as many of the restaurants will be easily filled once the sunset is over.

Our suggestion if you’re not planning on taking the iconic Tanah Lot Sunset shot is just to enjoy it from the cafe/restaurants.

Go to Canggu

If you’re not too interested in Kecak Dance but do not know what to do? Well, try to visit the Canggu area. This area is only a 15  – 20 minute drive from Tanah Lot, and it is filled with clubs, restaurants, and co-working spaces with good wi-fi connection.

Plus, the prices in Canggu are not as expensive as in Tanah Lot, so if you want to grab a drink or dine out just head over to Canggu.


Tanah Lot Sunset is one of the must-visit destinations when someone visits Bali. Many people from all around the world try to capture the most iconic sunsets all over Bali.

Since the best time to enjoy it is during sunset, we suggest you come a few hours early so you can enjoy the area without too many crowds around, it’s also beautiful to enjoy the mysterious aura of Tanah Lot Temple that is emitted during the daylight.

Enjoy The Most Beautiful Sunset in Bali with Ubud Quad Biking

Being the most popular spot to enjoy the sunset, Tanah Lot has the most scenic view in all of Bali. Photographers, both professionals and amateurs are coming just to get the best picture of this majestic temple

Some also come to enjoy the beach, and you can enjoy the best of Tanah Lot with Ubud Quad Biking. By booking our Tanah Lot tour, not only you be able to enjoy the beach using our state-of-the-art quad bike, but also you’ll have the chance to enjoy the best view of the sunset with less crowd as our local experts will give you a hidden spot to enjoy the iconic view

All you need to bring is a camera and an extra set of clothes and you’re good to go!

So head over to our office or contact our sales team via WhatsApp to learn more.



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Top Tanah Lot Sunset Spots in 2024

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