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Quad Bike Ubud – An Exciting Adventure in a Beautiful Village

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Quad Bike Ubud – An Exciting Adventure in a Beautiful Village

Quad Bike Ubud

Do you love thrilling adventures? Or are you looking for serene and refreshing scenery in Bali? You can combine these two excitements into one by riding a quad bike in Ubud. This activity has a strong attraction in Bali, with many tourists wanting to try this thrilling sport, and Ubud is the favorite and most ideal destination.


The Uniqueness of Ubud, Bali

Why is Ubud considered the most ideal place? Isn’t there a lot of nature-related places in Bali? True, in Bali or anywhere else can be used for off-road activities, but this is related to many factors such as friendly terrain, manageable challenges, and permission from local residents.

Therefore, there are several places in Bali that are specifically designated for quad bike or ATV riding, one of which is Ubud. This place is unique due to its beautiful natural scenery. Ubud itself is one of the locations in the highlands of Bali, rich in natural views such as forests, hills, rice fields, rivers, and much more. Ubud also has various exciting and challenging quad bike tracks.

For those of you who love riding activities or off-road sports, or even if you are a beginner or just want to try this unique activity, you can come to Ubud and experience the excitement of quad biking.

Besides having beautiful scenery, Ubud is also the traditional center of Bali. Here you will see the true face of Bali, with a community that practices and preserves their traditions. In Ubud, there are many ancient historical sites which are also educational tourist attractions to get to know Bali’s past better.

Additionally, the local residents of Ubud are craftsmen who often make statues used for cultural events. Ubud is also a place for artisans who create accessories like silver jewelry. This place also has many traditional dance studios.


Location and Access to Ubud

If you are interested in trying the quad bike adventure in Ubud, we will provide information on how to get there. Ubud is located in the center of Bali and is not far from Kuta.

If you depart from Ngurah Rai International Airport, you can take public transportation such as buses, shuttles, or online motorcycle taxis. The journey from the airport to Ubud will take about 1.5 to 2 hours.

For this trip, you will spend approximately IDR 60,000 to IDR 80,000. However, this price also depends on the transportation service you choose. Of course, more exclusive transportation will charge higher prices. Or, if you have already contacted a quad bike service in Ubud, they will provide pick-up and drop-off facilities for you.


Ubud Quad Bike Tracks

The excitement of riding an ATV or quad bike lies in the challenge of the tracks. The more challenging the track, the more thrilling the experience, but your journey will also be more difficult. However, you don’t need to worry because Ubud quad bike tracks offer challenging routes that are still accessible for beginners. Additionally, ATV providers in Ubud also have guides to assist you while riding.

Let’s discuss what the quad bike tracks in Ubud, Bali, are like. Naturally, the tracks in this place will be more related to nature. Here is an overview of the tracks you will encounter on the Ubud quad bike:


1. Shady Tropical Forest

Quad Bike Ubud

The main track in Ubud is a shady tropical forest. You will adventure through a forest rich with the beauty and diversity of flora and fauna. The paths you will traverse in the forest are not easy, you will encounter sharp turns, uphill and downhill slopes. Additionally, the dirt roads you travel will occasionally be rocky and muddy.


2. Rice Fields and Plantations

Besides forests, Ubud quad bike tracks will also take you through the rice fields and plantations in Ubud. What is beautiful about the Ubud rice fields? Don’t be mistaken, Ubud has rice fields with stunning views. If you search the internet, you will see that Ubud’s rice fields look like green hills. This is because the rice fields in Ubud are terraced. You will see vast, winding expanses of green rice paddies like a lush carpet.

Apart from rice fields, you will also be taken through plantations in Ubud. This is similar to a forest but not as dense. It is enough to make your track or journey more challenging.


3. Quad Bike Ubud Villages

Quad Bike Ubud

One of Ubud’s unique aspects, as previously mentioned, is its culture. You can enjoy this culture uniquely by riding a quad bike. You will see the uniqueness of the houses in Ubud villages with local temples.

Since the local residents of Ubud are artisans, you will also see statues made by the locals. These statues are usually used as decorations for buildings, hotels, or spiritual facilities. You will roam around leisurely, and pay attention to your speed when entering the Ubud village area.


4. Beaches


Quad Biking in Bali

Although there are no beaches in Ubud, Ubud quad bike services also offer the experience of riding a quad bike on the beach. You will be taken to a beach suitable for quad bike or ATV adventures. You will ride along the long coastline and enjoy its beauty. This track is perfect for those who want a relaxing holiday.


5. River Riding

Quad Bike Ubud

The last Ubud quad bike track is riding along a river with your ATV. Usually, this river is located in the middle of the forest, and you will be taken down to a not-too-deep river and ride your ATV following the river flow. In some places, you will also find waterfalls and experience the thrill of riding through waterfalls, getting soaked from head to toe.


Quad Bike Ubud Tour Combination

If you want to enjoy a challenging experience on a Ubud quad bike and desire a vacation that is anything but boring, we have the best recommendation for you. Ubud Quad Biking offers the most comprehensive quad bike tour packages. We will take you on the most exciting quad bike adventure across long tracks with various unique features. We will also combine your adventure with other tourism activities such as rafting, snorkeling, zoo tours, and many more.

We offer many options that you can tailor to your preferences, with various exciting vacations, whether you prefer a relaxed or adventure-filled experience. We also provide pick-up facilities to make things easier for you, and of course, we have guides ready to assist you during your adventure.

You can find information about all our packages on our homepage or tour package page. Trust your vacation with Ubud Quad Biking.

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Quad Bike Ubud – An Exciting Adventure in a Beautiful Village

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