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Quad Bike Tour Bali : Things to Prepare

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Quad Bike Tour Bali : Things to Prepare

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One of the things, if not, the most popular activities to do in Bali is Quad biking. Many tourists, especially International ones love to tackle Bali trails using an All Terrain Vehicle known as ATV. It’s not only fun but also challenging, perfect for any adventurer who daring enough to seek some good adrenaline rush

Nevertheless, Bali’s weather is something that you need to consider even before booking the tour. Due to the unpredictable conditions, it is best to prepare as early as possible to minimize any incidents that may occur. So, here are the things you need to prepare for the quad bike tour Bali.

Know what is an ATV/Quad Bike

The first thing you need to know way before booking a quad tour is knowing what an ATV first. You don’t need to experience it first, just understand what kind of vehicle it is. Learning it first will help you to understand the control better and much easier when you start to ride the real ones

You can search online about what is an ATV, no need for detailed ones. Simply learning where is the control position would be much better, even though you will have basic instruction later on. It’s much faster when you know ahead.

Check the Season

Since Bali is located in the equatorial region, it is important to check your calendar before booking. Indonesia has two seasons, dry and wet seasons. The dry season starts from May – late September, whereas the wet season starts from early October to late April or early May, of course, this would change depending on the global climate situation.

The best to visit or book a quad tour is in March or early September because the weather is not too hot not too wet either.  Yes, the weather could easily switch throughout the day, but by booking during the middle season, you don’t have to experience scorching heat or heavy rainstorms.

Check The Price

Well, you don’t want to overpay for something less than you expect from a great quad tour, do you? Another thing you must consider before booking is pricing

Best to search several agencies to make some comparisons. The average rate quad tour starts around 40 – 60 USD, but the price could be different depending on the agencies, however in Ubud Quad Biking, we can offer you starting from 35 USD and you can enjoy the best of Bali with our best ATV and services.

Prepare Appropriate Gear for the Quad Tour

The next thing you need to prepare is the gear for the tour. Yes, you will be given helmets and safety gear by the tour agencies. However, if you’re not used to the tropical climate and extreme riding like this best to prepare these things beforehand

Extra Clothes

When you decide to book a quad tour, you know that you will get dirty and sometimes wet. Bringing extra sets of clothes is important so you don’t feel squirmish just because you forget to change clothes after touring.


With Balinese heat, for some tourists, this might lead to painful sunburns. So, be sure to bring sunscreen with you, because if you come during the dry season the temperature might be hotter than the wet season or middle season. The average temperature in Bali during the dry season ranges from 28 degrees to a maximum of 35/36. Some cases could be above that, so best to bring protection wherever you go.

Boots/Trail Shoes

Another must-bring item is boots/trail shoes. Of course, some of the agencies provide boots for you to enjoy the ATV ride. However, it is very recommended to bring your trail shoes or boots so you can protect your feet from Bali terrains that full of stones and dirt

Check Your Physical Health

Everything is ready, but your condition says otherwise that would be heartbreaking right? So, before travel make sure you are already vaccinated and don’t have an underlying health condition such as heart issues. If you’re still insisting on going, be sure to have clearance from your doctor first to make sure that you don’t end up in the hospital after touring.

Although accidents may happen during the tour, it is very important to check for your condition before touring to minimize any serious incidents


The quad bike tour Bali is one of the most popular activities for both local and international tourists, it is fun, exciting, and challenging. You can enjoy the beautiful natural wonder of Bali, in the most fun way possible

Sadly, many come unprepared, whether they choose the wrong season, not bring the proper gear, or not in perfect condition which will spoil the joy of adventuring. With Bali’s tropical climate, choosing the right month to do a quad tour is highly impacted on the tour itself

If it is too hot, it might be uncomfortable because the temperature in Bali sometimes changes unexpectedly and it will impact the air too. If it is too wet, you’ll be dealing with heavy rainstorms which could lead to delays or canceled tours.

Also, choosing the right agencies for your tour is very important, with so many agencies offering the best tour with such high prices, you don’t want to be disappointed if the price you paid doesn’t meet your expectations right? So make sure to choose a reputable agency by checking their rating on traveling sites or Google reviews.

Other than that, just enjoy the ride and have fun exploring the beautiful Bali Island

Having Fun Exploring Bali with Ubud Quad Biking

ATV Bali

After reading this article, you might wonder.. what makes Ubud Quad Biking stand out from the rest? Well the answer is we provide you with the best tour package and also the latest model of quad bike that will make your adventure days in Bali much more fun

You can choose plenty of our designed tours created by our outdoor experts. From Jungle Tour to Waterfall tours, we can assure you that you will have a good time and also stand out from the rest because the places that we picked are rarely visited by tourists.

To learn more, chat with our sales team, or visit our office, and enjoy the best of Bali with Ubud Quad Biking



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Quad Bike Tour Bali : Things to Prepare

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