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Quad Bike Rides in Ubud, Safe and Enjoyable

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Quad Bike Rides in Ubud, Safe and Enjoyable

Quad Bike Rides

If you are vacationing in Bali, especially in Ubud, you must try quad bike rides. Ubud is one of the locations in Bali that is very suitable for riding quad bikes because it has several great riding trails. You can try one of the exciting sports that also provides benefits for your body. We will discuss quad bikes and what you will experience in Ubud.


What is a Quad Bike?

For those of you who are still confused about what a quad bike is, you might often refer to it as an ATV. However, these two vehicles have slight differences. An ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is a vehicle with handlebars like a motorcycle and has four wheels. This vehicle is very suitable for difficult terrains such as off-road. Meanwhile, a quad bike also has the same shape but is more often used for sports, hobbies, and touring specific locations.

This does not mean that a quad bike cannot be used for off-road; it still can, but its power is not the same as an ATV. Nevertheless, many people consider both vehicles to be the same, which is not a problem since, in terms of shape, they are indeed identical.

Quad bike rides are considered one of the extreme sports, so you need to know how to ride safely to ensure your safety while enjoying the fun as a bonus.

Quad bike rides also have several benefits. Since this activity is classified as a sport, it will definitely get your heart pumping and engage several muscles in your body. Besides the adrenaline that makes your heart beat faster, your body will also be actively moving to control the quad bike.

Additionally, slightly challenging terrains will make your arms grip and control the vehicle’s speed, thus stimulating your muscles. One of the benefits is that it can reduce insomnia, as your body will become more tired from this activity, leading to a better quality of sleep.


Quad Bike Rides in Ubud

When it comes to the best locations for quad bike rides, you must visit Ubud, especially if you are currently in Bali, your vacation will be more complete.

Ubud has various beautiful and challenging quad bike trails. Moreover, this place is often used as a quad bike riding spot in Bali. You will adventure through forests with towering trees. Besides, you can enjoy beautiful natural scenery.

You will also pass through clear rivers and waterfalls that will clear your mind from all the work stress you feel. Muddy and rocky forest roads will add to the challenge, making your adventure even more exciting.

Ubud also has extensive rice fields where the green scenery will pamper your eyes. You can take photos, explore around, and see local farmers working on their rice fields.

Bali as a tropical island is inseparable from its beaches, you can also go quad bike rides on Ubud’s beaches which support quad bike trails. It will be very enjoyable to explore the beach with a four-wheeled vehicle that you can ride with friends, family, or your partner.

So, quad bike rides are an option for a vacation if you’re tired of sunbathing on the beach or watching Balinese cultural performances. There are many tourism activities you can enjoy while on the island of Bali, including ATV riding. There is interesting information at the end of the article about tourism and ATV riding that will pique your interest.


How to Ride a Quad Bike

Quad bike rides are actually not too difficult, controlling it is similar to controlling a motorcycle. However, the four wheels on this vehicle make it easier, so you don’t need to maintain balance or put your feet on the ground.

However, you cannot maneuver too sharply at high speeds, as it will cause your vehicle to roll over. If you watch Moto GP and Formula 1 races, you might know the difference. An F1 car requires a wider approach and slower speed to make turns, unlike Moto GP bikes that can lean to help them turn at high speeds.

Here are some things you need to know about riding a quad bike:


1. Wear Protective Gear and Appropriate Clothing

Protective gear is usually provided by the rental service if you rent a quad bike. The most important piece of protective gear for riding is a helmet. Never go without a helmet as it is crucial and dangerous if you don’t wear it. Other protective gear typically includes boots and riding gloves.

Additionally, you should wear comfortable clothing so it doesn’t hinder you during quad bike rides.


2. Always Keep Both Feet on the Footrests

Quad Bike Rides

You must always keep both feet on the footrests. Do not try to lower your feet as this is unnecessary. The danger is that if you don’t keep your feet in place, you might hit a rock or other object that you can’t see due to the wide shape of the quad bike.


3. Understand the Clutch System

There are three types of transmissions in quad bikes: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic, similar to motorcycles. If you are riding one with a manual transmission, you need to know how to use it.

Fully engage the clutch when shifting gears, then slowly release the clutch while gradually applying the throttle. You should also apply the throttle gradually until the clutch is fully released. Once the vehicle is moving, engage the clutch and shift gears, but you can immediately release the clutch and apply the throttle. Manual transmission becomes easier once the vehicle is in motion.


4. Reduce Speed When Turning

Quad Bike Rides

As mentioned earlier, vehicles with wheels are more difficult to turn, especially sharp turns. Therefore, you need to approach turns with the right setup and at a slow speed during quad bike rides. Otherwise, you will roll over.


5. Ride Slowly

Next, drive your vehicle at a safe speed. You can have small races, but you need to consider many safety factors such as protective gear and your skill level. However, it is safer to ride the quad bike at a controllable speed.


6. Ride on Appropriate Trails

Finally, choose the appropriate trails. Ride your quad bike on designated trails. Do not ride on public roads as it is dangerous. Additionally, public roads are not ideal for tires designed for off-road. If you ride on the beach, be mindful of the crowds to avoid endangering others.


Quad Bike Riding Packages in Ubud

If you are in Bali, especially in Ubud, you are in the right place for an adventure with quad bikes or ATVs. Our packages will provide you with the best quad bike riding experience that will leave a lasting impression.

We offer ATV riding packages and provide high-quality ATV rentals that we regularly inspect. This is because we prioritize your safety. Additionally, you will also feel satisfied because we not only offer quad bike riding packages, but we also have several adventure packages that are equally fun, as well as tour packages to unique places found only in Bali.

Your satisfaction and holiday experience are our priorities, and we have provided many enjoyable experiences for tourists who come to the island of Bali, and you are next. To see all our tour packages, you can visit our website homepage to choose from the various enjoyable experiences we offer.

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Quad Bike Rides in Ubud, Safe and Enjoyable

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