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Night Safari Bali : All Things You Need to Prepare

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Night Safari Bali : All Things You Need to Prepare

Night safari is probably one of the family attractions that is slightly unpopular compared to the day safari. However, doing a safari at night has its charm. So, for those of you who plan to do the Night safari in Bali, be sure to prepare these things to make your outing memorable

Check the Schedule

One of the bad things that often occurs when someone wants to do a night safari is missing out on the schedule. Whether it’s too late or the zoo isn’t operating at that time, to avoid missing out be sure to follow these tips

Check your reservation ticket

Before going out to the zoo, make sure to check your reservation ticket on your email.

Or ask your travel guide if the ticket is ordered from the travel agencies.

Check the zoo’s social media

The other thing to look out for is checking the zoo’s social media for sudden updates. Because we never know if there’s a last-minute update that can ruin your night safari.

Be Punctual

One of the worst things that some tourists always do when they decide to do a night safari is not being punctual.

Punctuation is important, especially when the attraction has limited time. In order to not miss out on the night safari is obliged to the timing rules set by the zoo. So, be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before it starts.

The advantage of coming early is you can walk around the zoo or buy food without having to queue.

Be Prepared

Another thing that is often missed is not bringing or wearing proper gear. Especially with tropical countries like Bali. It is important to be prepared, even for the smallest things.

So make sure to have these items prepared before going out to enjoy the beauty of a night safari

  1. Mosquito Repellant
  2. Umbrella
  3. Raincoats
  4. Mini flashlight
  5. Extra clothes (in case of heavy rains)

With these items prepared in your bag, it will guarantee your experience will be much more comfortable.

Wear Proper Attire

Proper wear to a night safari is as important as anything else. Especially in tropical weather like Bali which is very humid and dry, it is best to wear comfortable but polite attire to respect the local customs

Avoid wearing too revealing clothing like a bikini or any of its variations, bring a jacket or any slightly thicker clothing as the air is getting colder at night. But the most important thing is make sure you respect the zoo clothing rules,

As for the footwear, please read the zoo guidance beforehand. Just to be safe, wear walking shoes or closed-toe sandals, and avoid wearing open-toe sandals to minimize injuries due to unstable terrains

Respect the Zoo House Rules

It seems simple, but sadly many tourists ignore these rules to satisfy their desire to be updated on social media. As a result of this ignorance, many animals feel uncomfortable, which could lead to a serious incident.

Be sure to read the rules carefully and listen to the instructions from the zoo staff. Do not attempt to wander around without the staff’s supervision, or feed the animals food from outside the zoo.

If you do the tour in a large group or with children under 15, be sure not to separate from the group or let your child wander around. Or if you are accompanied by a travel guide, please stick together with your guide

As long you follow the house rules and the staff guidance, the night safari will be far more memorable without having to harm yourself or others.


Night Safari Bali is one of the attractions that you shouldn’t miss during your stay. However, doing this kind of activity requires extra effort. Especially if you doing it with young children/babies/toddlers, keeping their mood in check and not wandering around is something that needs to be considered.

Also, respecting the rules and being well-prepared before heading out will help you to make the tour enjoyable and safe for yourself, the animals, and the other visitors.

Nevertheless, the amount of fun is as same or even better than daylight safari. So, night safari tours should be on your consideration when you’re planning to stay long in Bali.

Hope these tips can help you to have a wonderful outing in the zoo.

Experience The Magical Night Safari Bali with Ubud Quad Bike

Night Safari Bali

Have you ever wondered about seeing wild animals at night? What are they doing at such time, or watching nocturnal animals come to life as the sky goes dark? Well, if you are hungry with curiosity and seeking more challenging activities but do not require physical strength.

Well, the night safari might be the perfect option. You can immerse yourself in the animal nightlife as you will be able to see their nocturnal activity. What is even more interesting you can do this while riding an ATV which makes it more adventurous.

Starting at 145 USD or 2300K IDR, you can enjoy the beauty of Balinese fauna through the jungle darkness.

You don’t need to worry, because you will be guided by jungle experts to ensure your safety during the tour and give you comprehensive information regarding the animals in the wild. Immerse yourself in nature with only limited lighting and experience the quiet and harmonious sound of the jungle.

The package includes with ATV, expert guides, light snacks, and safety equipment. So you don’t need to bring many items to enjoy this tour. However, you are required to bring mosquito repellant and closed-toe shoes for your safety.

You also will get accommodation from the excursion site to your hotel, so no need to fuss about hauling a cab or ordering a taxi before or after the tour. Just be sure to be at the meeting point on time so you don’t miss out

Be advised that personal expenses and guide gratuities are excluded from this package.

So what are you waiting for, book it now or consult with our sales team for more info

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Night Safari Bali : All Things You Need to Prepare

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