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Jewellery Making Class Bali that Perfect to Create Memories

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Jewellery Making Class Bali that Perfect to Create Memories

Jewellery Making Class Bali – is one of the things that you should add to your itinerary list. What is a better activity to create lasting memories than creating a piece of personalized jewelry? Here are 5 jewelry making classes to make a beautiful piece of accessory that will last for generations to come

Chez Monique Jewellery Making Class

earrings at Chez Monique Jewelry Class

One of the most recommended jewellery-making classes in Bali is Chez Monique. Located in Ubud, this place allows you to make a heaping variety of accessories from necklaces to bangles, and earrings. You can craft anything to engrave precious memories with only 600K per class. 

But be advised, that if you want to create a larger item that requires more elaborate designs and specific resources, you will be charged additional costs and advanced booking is required before taking classes, at maximum one day before class. 

SUNSRI House of Jewelry

Sunsri Jewelry Making in Progress

If you stayed in the Gianyar area, SUNSRI House of Jewelry could be your option to do a jewelry-making class in Bali. It offers various services from class making to jewelry photoshoots, you can choose however it fits your desire. 

Not only classes, but you can also travel through time in jewelry making at SUNSRI museum and its factory tour. You can see the artisanal work of craftsmen creating the most beautiful accessories that also you could buy in the gallery.

For the jewelry-making class, you can choose between half-day sessions to full-day sessions. This place also provides many classes that cover any type of craftsman, from beginner to seasoned craftsmith. There is something for anyone. 

Canggu Jewellery Making Class

Rings at Canggu Jewelry

Staying in Canggu? Well, the good news is that you could try Canggu Jewellery-making classes. Here, you can try multiple jewellery-making classes from couples sessions to parent and child sessions. It’s something for everyone to try. 

Starting at 900k, you could book an in-person jewelry-making class and learn how to craft your accessories accompanied by experts who could help you make the one-of-a-kind piece as the perfect gift. 

Combining creativity and education, this workshop is a perfect place for student excursions as you can enjoy crafting while learning new experiences that benefit your children’s motoric skills.

Prapen Jewellery Making Class

Prapen Jewelry

Combining aesthetics and sustainability, Prapen Jewelry is something you could consider if you seeking to create beautiful yet sustainable jewelry. Located in Gianyar, Prapen offers to make a plethora of accessories using unique resources such as cow bone, agate, horn, shell, and many more

However, this place only offers non-formal jewelry-making classes in Bali.  popular classes are woven chain making and granulation decorating. Please be advised, that you will not receive any certification after joining the classes. 

Nevertheless, you could create a unique and also contribute to the environment by making a of kind accessory that you could not buy at any local souvenir shops. 

WS Art Studio

Rings by WS Art Studio

Another place you must add to your list to visit in Bali is WS Art Studio. This place offers many classes that you can choose from. From mask carving to silversmith, this workshop had pretty much anything to unleash your creative side. 

You could learn from Bali’s most creative silversmith and enroll in their jewellery making class, you can create a personalized accessory from earrings, pendants, and bangles, to rings. Not only that, but you can also enjoy a good cup of tea and Balinese traditional snacks to recharge after the class

Or fancy something different, you could try other classes such as Batik writing and traditional painting that surely could add to your list of souvenirs to bring back home. 


Jewellery making class in Bali is a perfect activity for you who seeking less adventurous activities. You can unleash the creative side by creating something that you could keep for the rest of your life. 

Some places are offering family-friendly classes, so it’s a perfect activity to teach kids arts and crafts and strengthen bonding between families. Also, you could be more intimate with your partner by joining the couples workshop at some of the jewelry classes.

The craft you made in class surely has a different feeling than buying random jewelry at a souvenir store. The sense of pride in accomplishing something is the thing that lasts forever.  

This is also a perfect platform to immerse yourself in Bali’s rich culture and experience firsthand Bali’s top hospitality with a friendly local tutor. 

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Jewellery Making Class Bali that Perfect to Create Memories

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