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Jeep Tour Bali : Things to Check Before Booking

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Jeep Tour Bali : Things to Check Before Booking

Besides the Quad Tour, a Jeep Tour is also one of the most popular vehicle-based tours in Bali. This type of touring is mostly for trekking destinations like mountains. In Bali, the most visited location for a 4WD tour is Mount Batur. Still, you can enjoy adventuring using this vehicle for safari tours or village tours, but Mountain tours still be at the top of the mind of any adventurers when they ask about this.

And if you’re planning on booking any Jeep tour in Bali this summer, there are plenty of things to consider. In this guide, we will give you a list of what to look for before booking a Jeep Tour in Bali.

We hope, that our little insight can help you find the perfect company to plan the best Jeep Tour.

Which Type of Jeep Tour You Want to Do?

The first thing you need to think about before booking a Jeep Tour is knowing which one you want to. Do you need a local guide? or Simply explore the area on your own? Do you want to visit during sunrise or sunset? Do you want a combined tour with other activities or solely a Jeep Tour and many more to consider.

Each agency offers a different kind of Tour with its own sets of rules. Some offer the guests can choose other destinations, and some are also really strict with their planned tour, so if you want to explore somewhere else you need to find other accommodations which will take longer.

So, make sure you already know what kind of tour you want before booking, to make your itinerary more organized.

Choose the Region of Your Destination

Next, after finding what kind of Jeep tour you want to do. The second thing you need to consider very well is the location, and this will be impacted by the tour type. If you want something more adventurous drive with challenging trekking roads, then a region like Ubud which is near Mount Batur would be suitable for you.

However, if you seek something less tacky road, but are still in need of an adrenaline rush. Beach areas like Seminyak, and Pasut Beach are the perfect options for those who opted for less bumpy roads.

And if you bring children, you could always try the Safari tour or village tours. This type of tour is suitable for parents who want to teach children about flora and fauna.

Check the Price

The next thing on the list is to check the price. You don’t want to end up complaining about paying too much for something less than your expectation right? Well, we suggest you do not fall into the trap of super cheap tours with too many offers.

The average Jeep Tour in Bali ranges from 24 USD to 50 USD depending on the agencies, excluding combination tours or any perks that may given. If you want to be extra safe, you can always ask the agencies for further information.

Read the Jeep Tour Ratings

Another thing before starting to book a Jeep Tour is rating reading. It may be simple or unimportant, but trust us on this one, reading some ratings on sites like Klook, Trip Advisor or Google Ratings could be a huge help for you.

The thing you need to watch when you see a rating on travel sites is how many people rated the services, how many stars they given, and their reviews. The more people do the review the better.

If you need something a bit more detailed or personalized review, you can also try to read some traveler blogs on the specific matter.

Check the Availability

The last step before you decide to book a Jeep tour is to check the availability, especially during high seasons like Summer, this kind of tour usually sells fast. Also worth considering is the type of season you want to do the tour. We highly suggest you book during the early phase of the dry season which is from June – early July. If you book during the peak season which is in August, you need extra gear like a mini fan and lots of sunscreen.

So the earlier you book, the more chance you have a longer time enjoy the tour.


Jeep Tour Bali is another highly demanded attraction that explores the beauty of the region. There are many types of this kind of tour across the province, but many of the agencies focus on regions like Ubud or Seminyak due to the many natural attractions.

Despite many agencies offering a Jeep Tour to specific places like Mountain or Beach, it is highly important to know what kind of tour you want to do. Some agencies combined the Jeep Tour with other activities such as Village Visiting or trekking to Waterfalls.

Also, you need to consider other elements such as season, availability, and even pricing. So it’s very essential to think about all of the things that we mentioned above before booking the tour.

We do hope that this article will help you decide whether you want to do a Jeep Tour in Bali or choose other activities like Quad Biking, and we hope you’ll have a marvelous holiday experience here in Bali.

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Jeep Tour Bali : Things to Check Before Booking

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