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How to Ride a Quad Bike : A Rookie Guideline

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How to Ride a Quad Bike : A Rookie Guideline

Riding a quad bike seems daunting for people not used to outdoor living. The structure of the vehicle seems to scare some people from trying it, nevertheless, it is also quite fun once you have the basic technique to do so.

If you are planning to do a quad biking tour but are too scared to try. Here’s a how-to ride a quad bike for first-timers.

Learn Quad Riding Safety Basics

Before you even start to hop on the bike, it is important to learn the basics first. From the basic gear to the engine structures, this information will help you to ride better and safely. So, what are the safety basics of riding a quad bike?

Choosing the correct gear

One of the most fundamental basics of riding an ATV or quad is to know the correct gear. Knowing the appropriate gear will play a huge part in ensuring your safety. Before you decide to quad bike, make sure you have these items

  1. Gloves
  2. Protective Eyewear (specifically for outdoor tracks)
  3. Helmet (specifically helmet for outdoor ridings)
  4. Knee pads
  5. Boots or any closed-toe shoes.

Or, if you booked an ATV/Quad biking tour, please ask the provider for safety gear before riding.

Wear an appropriate attire

Doing an outdoor activity like ATV/Quad riding requires an appropriate set of attire which not only safe but also protective. Wearing long clothing could cause a serious accident as the fabric will collide with the machine.

It is better to wear short clothing, however, some people cannot wear short attire due to various reasons. To trick that, usually, they would tie the end of their clothing or tucking it to their shoes to make sure it doesn’t fall off.

For safety, if you do this with groups, be sure to ask your instructor for advice before riding

Understanding Quad Bike Controls

After you understand the safety basics, now you move on to familiarizing yourself with the controls. The basic controls of a quad are the same as a motorcycle. The structure however has a slight difference, an ATV has a larger and bigger body compared to a normal motorcycle.

Therefore, it is highly important to know the controls before riding. Although this would be far easier if you had already ridden a motorcycle before. But for the first-timer, it is important to understand the controls.

So, if you book a quad tour, be sure to listen to your instructor carefully.

Learn The Basic Techniques

Understand the safety basics, check. Understand the basic controls, and also check. Now, you are ready to start your quad journey. But, before best to know the basic riding techniques to maximize your riding to the fullest.

Throttling, shifting gears, turning, and breaking are some basic techniques that you need to understand first. Is the same as riding a motorbike, but the difference lies in riding uphill and downhill technique, due to the structure of the bike and terrain it needs a bit of technique to make sure you can do it properly

One of them is body balancing, this technique is highly important when you’re about to do an uphill/downhill technique. Make sure you know the right body position so you can execute the technique smoothly.

What You Need To Lookout Before Riding a Quad Bike

Congratulations, you finally understand the basics of quad ride. Now, before you experience the best of Bali using a quad bike. Please look out for these conditions before you even start to decide before riding

  1. Check the weather conditions, and avoid riding in heavy rain.
  2. Check your body condition, and make sure you are not under the doctor’s supervision. If you insist on riding, make sure you have your doctor’s permission first.
  3. Don’t ride under the heavy influence of Alcohol or Drugs
  4. Respect the local safety regulations
  5. If you book a ride tour, please obey the rules made by the tour provider


Quad biking is one of the outdoor activities that is not only fun but also can connect you with nature. Enjoying the scenery, and wild breeze of the air is one of the many reasons why this attraction is so popular among tourists both domestic and international

It is important before you decide to book a quad bike tour or simply rent one to know these basic guidelines. Especially for those who are trying it for the first time, by understanding the basics you can enjoy riding without having to worry

Just make sure if you book a quad biking tour to listen to your instructor carefully and make sure wear appropriate gear.

Immerse Yourself in Balinese Beauty with Ubud Quad Biking

As one of Indonesia’s top destinations for tourists, Bali has become the centerpiece of Indonesian tourism, and it’s for a good reason. Luscious greenery, beautiful beaches, and rich traditional culture make this province a perfect spot to get away from the bustling city life.

And what is a better way to make the best of Bali nature than riding on a quad bike? Starting from 35 USD, you can rent or book a quad biking tour at the best spot for riding in Bali. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Bali, challenge yourself on the muddy trail, or ride with the sea breeze on the beach.

By booking on Ubud Quad Biking, you will get professional instructors, safety gear, and also transportation from and to the hotel. You can also rent an ATV if you want to explore it by yourself, just be sure to follow the regulations.

There are many tour packages that we can offer for you to experience the best of Bali. From family-friendly tours to more challenging ones. We got you covered!

All you need to bring is comfortable clothes and make sure it is appropriate. Other than that you can have fun and experience Bali to the fullest.

Find out more by contacting our sales team or head to our office to learn more about this tour

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How to Ride a Quad Bike : A Rookie Guideline

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