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Hidden Canyon Bali : Discover The Beauty of Beji Guwang

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Hidden Canyon Bali : Discover The Beauty of Beji Guwang

Bali, the enchanting island of the gods, is famous for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and sacred temples. But among the green rice fields and peaceful villages lies a hidden gem – Hidden Canyon Bali: Beji Guwang. This mesmerizing natural wonder offers an experience like no other for visitors who want to see Bali’s unspoiled beauty.

 A Travel Through Time

Hidden Canyon Bali perfectly sums up the essence of this place. Located in Gianyar Regency, about 15 kilometers from Denpasar, the canyon remains a secret paradise for those looking to get off the beaten track. Reaching the gorge itself is an adventure. You will pass through traditional Balinese villages surrounded by the warmth of local smiles and the intoxicating scent of frangipani. The journey then takes a more rugged turn, taking you through lush rice paddies and winding roads.

As you approach the entrance, the canyon’s towering cliffs begin to reveal themselves, their weathered surfaces whispering ancient stories. Lush vegetation covers the canyon walls, creating a cool, green embrace. There will be a sense of anticipation upon entering this hidden land, a world untouched by the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Beji Guwang: A Natural Wonders

Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang is a masterpiece carved by nature over thousands of years. The Petanu River winds its way through limestone bedrock, forming a dramatic series of canyons, narrow channels, and cascading waterfalls. The sun shines through the dense foliage above, creating dappled light in the canyon’s emerald pools.

The air is filled with the refreshing sound of waterfalls and the beautiful calls of exotic birds. Exploring the canyon can be tailored to your level of adventure. For those looking for a leisurely experience, a walk along the well-maintained trails offers stunning scenery. Take a dip in the cool, clear pool, the perfect escape from the tropical heat.

For the adventurous, this hidden canyon Bali offers an exciting challenge. You can go on a canyoning adventure under the guidance of experienced local guides. This includes boating down the river, climbing over cliffs, and abseiling down waterfalls, an exhilarating way to experience the raw beauty of the gorge.

A Touch of Culture: The Heart of the Hidden Canyon

Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang is not only a geological wonder; It is also full of Balinese culture and spirituality. Scattered throughout the canyon are ancient rock carvings that are remnants of a bygone era. These intricate carvings, believed to date back centuries, offer a glimpse into the spiritual beliefs of the Balinese people.

There is a hidden temple inside the canyon, Pura Beji Guwang. This holy place is a place of worship for local villagers. Witnessing a traditional Balinese ceremony here, against the breathtaking canyon backdrop, provides a deeper understanding of the island’s rich cultural heritage.

A Responsible Adventure: Preserving the Hidden Paradise

Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon is a relatively new tourist destination, and its pristine beauty is one of its greatest assets. As responsible travelers, it’s important to tread lightly and leave no trace. Here are some ways you can help preserve this hidden paradise:

Respect the Local Community: The canyon is under the care of the local community. It’s important to be mindful of their customs and traditions.

Reduce your waste: Avoid bringing in single-use plastics and dispose of all waste responsibly. We recommend you bring your Tumblr or Tupperware in case you want to take away some of the local delicacies.

Protect the environment: Avoid to destroy the vegetation in the canyon. Those are important to keep the canyon flourishing.

Support local businesses: Choose tours led by local guides and patronize local shops and eateries near the gorge.

Beyond the Canyon: Exploring the Environs

Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon’s visit can effortlessly be combined with another cool excursion. We recommend some of the best activities for you:

Tegalang Rice Terraces: Witnesses to the stunning speed of Tegalalang Ristering, a UNESCO World Heritage List, known for its picturesque beauty.

Ubud Monkey Forest: Interact with playful monkeys at Ubud Monkey Forest, a long-tailed macaque sanctuary.

Elephant Safari: Learn about these magnificent creatures on an ethical elephant safari. Balinese

Traditional Dance Show: Immerse yourself in Bali’s vibrant culture with a mesmerizing traditional dance show such as Kecak Dance or Barong Dance.

Wood Carving Village: Visit a nearby wood carving village and explore the exquisite craftsmanship of Balinese craftsmen.

Shop local markets: Browse colorful local markets filled with handmade souvenirs, textiles, and fresh produce.

Planning Your Hidden Canyon Adventure: Essential Tips

To ensure a smooth and rewarding experience at Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon, please mind some of these tips!

Best time to visit: The dry season from April to October offers the most pleasant weather for exploring the gorge. However, the waterfalls may be less powerful during this time. The wet season, from November to March, boasts lush greenery and cascading waterfalls, but the trails can be slippery.

What to wear: Select comfortable and sturdy footwear suitable for rough terrain and water crossings. Breathable outfits and adequate protection should be on your backpack

What to Bring: Carry a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated, insect repellent, sunscreen, and a camera to capture the beauty of the canyon. A headlamp is essential if you plan to explore the Goa Gelap cave.

Guides and Safety: Although not required, hiring a local guide is highly recommended. They can navigate the terrain, provide insight into local culture and history, and ensure your safety throughout your adventure.

Entrance Fees and Permits: There is a minimum entrance fee to enter the Hidden Canyon of Beji Guwang. For specific fees and any required permits, it is best to check with the official website or local government before visiting.


With a little planning and preparation, your trip to the Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon is guaranteed to be an unforgettable adventure. This hidden gem offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and a thrilling escape from the ordinary. So, pack your sense of adventure and embark on a journey to unveil the secrets of this captivating Balinese wonder.

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Hidden Canyon Bali : Discover The Beauty of Beji Guwang

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