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Mason Elephant Sanctuary Bali: Location Map and Ticket Prices

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Mason Elephant Sanctuary Bali: Location Map and Ticket Prices

Elephant Sanctuary Bali

Elephant Sanctuary Bali – Nestled amidst the lush landscapes of Bali, the Mason Elephant Park stands as a beacon of hope for the endangered Sumatran elephants. Established in 1997, this sanctuary not only offers a safe haven for these majestic creatures but also provides visitors with an opportunity to engage in meaningful conservation efforts while enjoying unforgettable experiences.

What to Expect at the Bali Elephant Sanctuary

Spanning across 3.5 hectares of tropical paradise near Ubud, the Bali Elephant Sanctuary offers a plethora of activities for visitors of all ages. From the moment you step foot into this sanctuary, you are greeted by the sights and sounds of nature, with towering hills and verdant jungles serving as the backdrop for your adventure.

As you explore the sanctuary, you’ll encounter the gentle giants that call this place home. The park’s daily routine allows the elephants to roam freely, basking in the sun or taking a leisurely dip in the bathing lake. With well-manicured botanical gardens, tranquil Koi ponds, and intricately carved stone sculptures by local Balinese artists, every corner of the sanctuary exudes an aura of tranquility and harmony.

Elephant Activities

Elephant Sanctuary Bali

  • Bali Elephant Ride: One of the most sought-after activities at the sanctuary is the elephant ride. Riding atop these magnificent creatures, guests embark on a journey through lush jungle trails and serene lakes, immersing themselves in the natural beauty of Bali. However, the ethical implications of elephant riding raise important questions about animal welfare, prompting visitors to consider the impact of their actions.
  • Elephant Feeding & Washing: For those seeking a more intimate experience with the elephants, feeding and washing sessions offer a chance to connect with these gentle giants on a personal level. Guests are invited to interact with the elephants, feeding them palm stems or indulging them with fresh fruit baskets. The playful antics of the elephants, especially the adorable baby elephants, never fail to delight visitors of all ages.

Elephant Museum

Elephant Sanctuary Bali

At the entrance of the sanctuary lies a captivating museum dedicated to the rich cultural heritage of Bali and the significance of elephants in Balinese traditions. Here, visitors can marvel at a giant mammoth skeleton replica and explore a diverse collection of artifacts, including Balinese Kris daggers and intricately carved tusks from other Indonesian islands. Despite its modest size, the museum offers valuable insights into the deep-rooted connection between elephants and the people of Bali.

Special Bali Elephant Photoshoots

Elephant Sanctuary Bali

For those seeking an exclusive experience, the sanctuary offers private photoshoots with Lukcip, a magnificent Sumatran elephant known for his majestic tusks. While the price may be steep, the opportunity to capture intimate moments with these gentle giants amidst the lush jungle setting is truly priceless. Whether it’s striking a pose with Lukcip or feeding him his favorite treats, these special photoshoots leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Sumatran Elephant Conservation

Beyond providing a sanctuary for elephants, the Bali Elephant Sanctuary plays a crucial role in the conservation of Sumatran elephants. Threatened by illegal deforestation and poaching in their native habitat, these endangered creatures face an uncertain future. Parks like Mason Elephant Park offer a lifeline for these animals, providing them with a safe environment where they can thrive and reproduce.

Ethical Considerations

  • Is the Bali Elephant Sanctuary Ethical?: While concerns about animal welfare persist, the sanctuary maintains a commitment to the well-being of its elephants. Training methods prioritize positive reinforcement, and stringent veterinary care ensures the animals’ health and comfort. By fostering a nurturing environment for its inhabitants, the sanctuary aims to promote responsible tourism practices and raise awareness about the plight of endangered species.
  • Is the Bali Elephant Ride Ethical?: The debate surrounding elephant riding underscores the need for visitors to make informed decisions. While some argue that elephant riding promotes exploitation and contributes to animal cruelty, others believe that responsible elephant tourism can support conservation efforts and foster a deeper appreciation for these magnificent creatures. Ultimately, visitors are encouraged to consider the ethical implications of their actions and choose activities that align with their values.

Ticket Prices Mason Elephant Sanctuary Bali

The ticket prices for the Mason Elephant Sanctuary in Bali vary depending on the type of experience you choose and whether you opt for additional activities. Here’s a breakdown of the typical ticket prices:

  1. Standard Entrance Ticket: This ticket usually includes access to the sanctuary grounds, viewing areas for elephant interactions, and some basic amenities. Prices for standard entrance tickets typically range from $50 to $70 USD per adult and $25 to $35 USD per child (ages 3-12).
  2. Elephant Ride Experience: If you wish to ride an elephant through the jungle trails and around the sanctuary, this experience may be offered as an add-on to your standard entrance ticket. Prices for elephant ride experiences vary depending on the duration and route, but they generally range from $80 to $120 USD per person.
  3. Special Experiences and Activities: The sanctuary may offer special experiences such as private photoshoots with elephants, exclusive feeding sessions, or behind-the-scenes tours. These experiences often come at an additional cost, with prices ranging from $100 to $300 USD per person, depending on the nature and exclusivity of the activity.
  4. Package Deals and Discounts: Some tour operators or online booking platforms may offer package deals or discounts for combined activities or group bookings. Be sure to check for any available promotions or deals that can help you save on your visit to the sanctuary.

It’s important to note that these prices are approximate and may vary depending on factors such as peak season, special events, or changes in pricing policies. Additionally, it’s recommended to check the official website of the Mason Elephant Sanctuary or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information on ticket prices and availability.


A visit to the Bali Elephant Sanctuary is more than just a tourist attraction—it’s a journey of discovery, conservation, and compassion. As we marvel at the beauty of these gentle giants and immerse ourselves in the natural wonders of Bali, let us also reflect on our role in preserving and protecting the world’s precious wildlife. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for the Sumatran elephants and all living beings that share our planet.

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Mason Elephant Sanctuary Bali: Location Map and Ticket Prices

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