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Best Place and Time to Enjoy Elephant Safari Park

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Best Place and Time to Enjoy Elephant Safari Park

Besides natural wonders and extravagant pool clubs, Bali is also known for its elephant ride. Even though there are many controversies regarding preservation, ethical guarding, and animal abuse in this particular subject. However, it didn’t lower the excitement and enthusiasm of tourists who want to experience this attraction

If you are planning to do an elephant ride at Elephant Safari Park this holiday season. There are a lot of ways to do so, therefore you need to know the best place and best time so you can enjoy the ride without having to worry about other guests.

And we will give you our top place and time to enjoy this attraction.

Elephant Safari Park at Taman Safari Bali

The first place on our list is Taman Safari Bali, which is located in Gianyar Bali. This has won many conservatory awards one of them being from South East Asia Zoos Associations. This place offers guests a tour of the home of these Sumateranean Elephants which are considered almost extinct in their natural habitat

Guests can enjoy an educational safari with professionally trained handlers. You will learn so much about their habits, and their natural habitat in the forest, even some handlers will give you information regarding each animal’s favorite food.

Not limited to that, guests could also have a chance to take pictures or play around with these mammals. If you want to enjoy this attraction you can book the Elephant Package from the website

The packages start from 525K IDR for Adults and 425K IDR for children, and they include 1 photoshoot, a welcome drink, and a special souvenir for you to take home.

Mason Elephant Park and Lodge

The second place is Mason Elephant Park located in Ubud. This 4.5 Ha park has been carefully built to mimic as close to the actual Sumatera forest, where there is the actual habitat of the Sumatera Elephant

Established in 1997, this institution has won many awards for its dedication to conserving this endangered species. Not only that, Mason Elephant Park has also been featured in some major news outlets and shows, one of them being Asia Next Top Model.

Aside from its achievement, this park offers guests a real experience of the habitat of these elephants. Creating a safe and comfortable place for them to grow healthier and happier.

To train these elephants, they use caring and humane approaches such as rewards, intuitions, repetition, and patience. So they can feel secure and safe to interact with visitors later on.

There are four sessions of the Elephant Safari ride that you can choose from. Starting from 90 USD, you can enjoy a full tour with hands-on feeding, bathing, and in-depth education from handlers, plus this package also includes pick-up from the hotel.

However, if you just want to do the tour without the ride, you can pay the admission fee of 350K IDR which includes hand feeding and education programs.

What is The Best Time to do Elephant Ride?

So, many tourists ask, when is the best time to book or visit Elephant Safari Park? We have been researching this matter, we have been searching on the internet and from travel bloggers, and the best time to do this kind of attraction is during the Dry Season.

Why during the dry season? because the rain is less frequent, second the condition of the terrain is dry enough for the elephants. Because during the rainy season, the track can be very muddy and slippery which is highly dangerous for elephants.

The Dry season in Indonesia, in general starts from mid-May – early October, with the peak season is in June – August. The average temperature ranges from 23 – 36 degrees Celsius.

Our recommendation is to try to book an early session as you can enjoy more time with the elephants, and maybe you have a chance to be able to participate in bathing them.

Things you need to look out for

Since the best time to do this kind of tour is during the Dry season, it is important to know that the humidity level during that season is very high. So our advice is to bring sunscreen and wear comfortable clothing, do not forget to hydrate yourself.


Elephant Safari Park is one of the places that surely need to be added to your to-do list while you’re here. You can learn so many things from these intelligent mammals, and have a chance to interact with them.

Even though many places offer this kind of attraction. Sadly many still apply unethical treatment such as animal abuse, harsh punishment, and inhumane working hours to gain as much profit as possible

Fortunately, some places combine ethical preservation and education that are still enjoyable for tourists of all ages, so be sure to check out their website to find more information, we hope you have a great time

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Best Place and Time to Enjoy Elephant Safari Park

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