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Best Coffee Plantation Ubud for Coffee Addicts

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Best Coffee Plantation Ubud for Coffee Addicts

Coffee Plantation is one of the hottest tourist attractions. Especially the plantation that specialized in the famous civet cat excess coffee known as Luwak coffee. Even though many plantations in Bali are in much more in-house production with small acres of coffee plants, these recommendations are surely enough to give it a try

Alas Harum Coffee Tour

Coffee roasting at Alas Harum

Underneath the brand Cretya, Alas Harum is an all-in-one activity that offers a plethora of activities for guests to enjoy. Located 20 minutes in the center of Tegallang, being an all-rounder place, means there are many things that everyone can enjoy.

From Instagrammable spots, ziplining, high swing with a breathtaking rice fields view, and of course their Luwak coffee tour. To enter you need to pay an entrance fee of around 50k IDR, and you also need to pay 118k to be able to do the coffee tasting, and another 118k to enjoy their cup of Luwak coffee

However, even though the price seems pricey, you can enjoy many things here. Feeling tired? you can stop by at their day club or if you are hungry you can visit their restaurant. But, rest assured you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and a high-quality coffee

Bali Paulina Coffee Plantation

Coffee Roasting at Bali Paulina

This coffee plantation Ubud is one of the highly recommended places by many tourists, and it’s for a good reason. By the moment you arrive at Bali Paulina, you will be greeted by a local guide who will take you walk around to their plantation and explain the natural process of their product.

You can choose the type of tour that you want to do. Starts at 100K per person, and guests already can enjoy the tour of the plantation and the making of the Luwak coffee from harvesting to roasting.

If you want a more detailed hands-on experience, you can choose the premium package which includes the coffee brewing session and more longer time on the tour. All this included both coffee and tea tastings

Lumbung Sari House of Coffee

Coffee Tasting

Famous among coffee connoisseurs and addicts, the Lumbung Sari House of Coffee offers a variety of coffee tastings, and guests also have a chance to see the coffee-making process. Visitors can choose the 15 coffee tastings and once the tour is over, they can buy their coffee of choice at the shop.

Not only that but here they can also indulge in their in-house creations like Cappucino, Lattes, Americano, etc. The quality of the products in Lumbung Sari is one of the best, no wonder many coffee enthusiasts are returning.

If you’re not a coffee person but still want to enjoy the place. This place is surrounded by luscious greenery from the plantation that is perfect for any Instagram shots.

Uma Pakel Agro Tourism

Coffee Tasting at Uma pakel

Located in Tegallang, this plantation is renowned for its Luwak coffee. Visitors can do a tour of their large plantation and have a chance to buy some of their fresh-roasted coffee.

What makes them different from any agro-tourism is, that guests can enjoy a 180-degree view of the plantation and its surroundings at their bird nest deck, or try their high swing for different experiences.

Tips while Visit Coffee Plantation

We want to ensure you get all the best experience during your adventure to these coffee plantations. Nevertheless, here’s a little tips during your visit

Wear a comfortable footwear

Bali tropical landscape which includes wet and muddy terrains. It is important to wear a suitable footwear. The best is mountain sandals or hiking boots to protect your feet from ankle strains while walking down the plantation

Check the weather condition

Before heading out, make sure you check out the weather predictions through your smartphone. Even though that in reality might be slightly different, so you can prepare the proper gear to enjoy the coffee tour. It’s better safe than sorry no?

Be Polite

The best way to enjoy the tour is by engaging with the locals. However, when you are in a different country with a different culture, it is important to be polite towards locals, whether saying thank you in their respective language or simply smiling back at them. Having a polite manner surely could make the tour much more amicable

Be Prepared

There is nothing worse than coming to the coffee plantation Ubud unprepared. Whether you didn’t charge your smartphone to the fullest or prepare the adequate gear. It is highly important to prepare as much as possible.

Because you never know the situation you might be facing, from having cash to bringing extra batteries. these small preparations will surely help you during your tours

Enjoy Yourself

All these preparations are meaningless if you’re not enjoying yourself. So, while you’re at the plantation it is imminent to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Sampled out all the coffee and maybe involved in some of their coffee workshops. Create the best memories for the years to come.


Known for its unique coffee varieties, coffee plantation Ubud spreads out throughout the province. Mostly resides around Ubud areas, but there are many plantations to choose from. All include watching the process live and tasting the freshly roasted coffee.

Whether you choose an economical tour or a premium one, these tours could make you appreciate coffee more the next time you buy an Americano at your country cafes.

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Best Coffee Plantation Ubud for Coffee Addicts

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