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Bali Zoo Elephant Ride – Exploration and Exciting Experience

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Bali Zoo Elephant Ride – Exploration and Exciting Experience

Bali Zoo elephant ride

Do you like animals? If you do, you probably enjoy visiting zoos. Watching the amusing antics of animals can be a refreshing experience for many, and perhaps you are one of those people. If you are in Bali, you can visit the Bali Zoo, which offers the experience of riding an elephant. We will provide information about the Bali Zoo elephant ride for those who love interacting with animals. Read on!


About Bali Zoo

First, let’s get to know Bali Zoo. This is the first zoo built in Bali. Located in the village of Sinapadu, Gianyar, Bali, it was established in 2002. The zoo has a comprehensive collection of animals with more than 350 species. This place will introduce you to various types of animals and can be an excellent place for relaxation.

The zoo houses a variety of species including mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects. It is one of the family attractions that is never boring, because besides observing and interacting with animals, you will also be educated about different species and their behaviors.

Uniquely, the zoo is open until nighttime, offering a night zoo experience to observe the activities of nocturnal animals. While some animals may be sleeping, nocturnal animals that are active at night, which we rarely see, can be observed.


Bali Zoo Elephant Ride Experience

You might often see war movies or Thai films where people ride large, majestic elephants. Or maybe you are a fan of the game Far Cry, where you can control a character to ride an elephant and engage in combat.

You can experience the real thrill of riding an elephant at Bali Zoo Elephant Ride. As the name suggests, you will be invited to ride an elephant and tour the zoo.

The elephants in this zoo are brought from Sumatra, an island in Indonesia. Sumatran elephants are known for their lighter skin compared to other Asian elephants. Additionally, Sumatran elephants have two prominent bumps on their heads and slightly reddish ears. These elephants weigh between 3-5 tons and stand 2-3 meters tall.

What can you enjoy at Bali Zoo Elephant Ride? Here are some exciting activities you will experience.


Riding an Elephant for 20 Minutes

Bali Zoo elephant ride

First, you will be invited to ride a Sumatran elephant along with a mahout. You will tour around the area. Riding an elephant might not seem very interesting at first, but wait until you read this.

You will be taken around to see various animals in open areas, such as deer and zebras. Additionally, the route you take will resemble forests and vast expanses like natural habitats. You will also cross a water pond and feel how an elephant can carry you across a pond.

Bali Zoo Elephant Ride will surely offer an extraordinary experience. The existence of this zoo for a long time and the consistent influx of both local and foreign visitors is a testament to that.


Feeding and Caring for Elephants

Bali Zoo elephant ride

After riding an elephant, you will be taught how to care for these large, cute animals. You can feed the elephants, and the mahout will teach you about their daily care activities.

You can also interact with the elephants at Bali Zoo Park by petting them and taking photos. Elephants are actually friendly animals like buffaloes and cows. That’s why in countries like Thailand, elephants are used as rides, and the behavior of baby elephants can be quite amusing to watch.


Bathing Elephants

Bali Zoo elephant ride

At Bali Zoo Elephant Ride, you can also bathe these adorable elephants. Elephants love playing in mud puddles, and you can join them in a muddy fun. You will play with young elephants, covering their bodies with mud.

You should prepare a change of clothes and comfortable attire, as muddy clothes can feel heavy. After that, you can clean up in the provided facilities.


Bali Zoo Elephant Ride will offer you more than just a tour riding an elephant; you will get to know this largest land mammal more intimately. Therefore, a holiday at Bali Zoo is worth trying for an unforgettable experience.


Unique Features of Elephants

This animal is quite well-known from books, pictures, TV, and the internet. However, elephants are unique and have several remarkable traits you should know about:


Elephants are Intelligent Animals

Elephants are among the most intelligent animals. They have the same number of neurons in their brains as humans. That’s why we often see elephants performing tricks, even painting.

Moreover, elephants have strong memories. They can remember and recognize other elephants, animals, objects, and even humans they haven’t seen for years. Elephants can recognize themselves in mirrors and understand that it is just a reflection.


Elephants are Emotional Animals

Elephants are sensitive about feelings. A herd of elephants can feel happy and gather around if one of them gives birth to a baby. The herd will help and care for the baby elephant. Additionally, if they know one of the herd has died, they will stare at it for a long time and hug the dead elephant, covering it with sand. This is why some elephants can be seen shedding tears.


Elephants Communicate in Many Ways

Elephants have many ways of communicating. Besides listening and vocalizing, they can communicate through touch with other elephants. The herd can touch and rub against each other to send information.

Additionally, elephants can communicate through scent. They will sniff other elephants with their trunks. This chemical communication can be done by smelling their urine and feces.


That’s information about the Bali Zoo elephant ride. If you want to learn more about this large mammal, you can visit Bali Zoo and interact closely with them. You can go directly to the zoo or take a tour package that offers a more interesting experience.


Kuber ATV and Elephant Ride Package

We offer an adventure package to maximize your holiday with the Kuber Bali ATV – Elephant Ride Tour. With us, you will go on an ATV adventure through the beautiful panorama of Ubud. We will provide a thrilling experience on every ATV track.

After that, you will get to know more about elephants and continue the exciting adventure by riding an elephant. We will also pick you up from your hotel and take you back.

We will always provide a fun holiday experience that you can only have in Bali. Our tour packages are varied and can be chosen on the package page. Maximize your vacation in Bali with Ubud Quad Biking.

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Bali Zoo Elephant Ride – Exploration and Exciting Experience

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