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Bali Safari Ticket Price and Various Tour Packages

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Bali Safari Ticket Price and Various Tour Packages

Bali Safari Ticket Price

One of the largest animal-themed attractions in Bali is the Bali Safari and Marine Park (BSMP), which is part of the Taman Safari Indonesia group and also the most popular wildlife attraction in Indonesia. For those who want to spend a day with animals, this place can be one of the main destinations. What is the ticket price and what are the attractions there? We will provide you with complete information about Bali Safari ticket prices here.


Bali Safari And Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park is the best wildlife attraction in Indonesia, especially in Bali. This place offers various safaris and education in getting to know animals in their natural habitat, as this place is made very similar to the original places where animals live in the wild. Therefore, this place is very suitable for family outings and environmental education.

Bali Safari and Marine Park not only offer wildlife education tours but also have playgrounds and water parks. In addition, there is also a theater held every Saturday and Sunday. If you like wildlife attractions complete with playgrounds, Bali Safari and Marine Park can be one of your holiday destinations.

This place is located in Gianyar, Bali, covering a vast area spanning three villages in the region. This tourist attraction opens from 09:00 to 21:00. This place is open until night because it also offers nocturnal wildlife tours that are active at night. Where else can you get wildlife tours until night with cheap ticket prices?


Bali Safari Ticket Price

This tourist attraction is priced at a reasonable price, the prices offered will provide a fun and educational tourism experience. And the animals exhibited are endemic animals of Indonesia, Australia, India, and Africa.

And here are the Bali Safari Ticket Price and tour packages available at the place:

Junggle Hopper (Monday)

Bali Safari Ticket Price

  • 650,000 (Adult)
  • 520,000 (Children)

This package is only available on Mondays and is the cheapest Bali Safari Ticket Price. The tours offered include wildlife safaris as well as presentations and education about tigers and elephants.

Junggle Hopper Legend (Tuesday-Sunday)

  • 750,000 (Adult)
  • 620,000 (Children)

This package includes everything in the Junggle Hopper package, namely wildlife safaris and education about Tigers and Elephants. Plus the Bali Agung Show, a theater performance featuring authentic traditional arts from Bali. This package is available from Tuesday to Sunday.

Night Safari

Bali Safari Ticket Price

  • 1,100,000 (Adult)
  • 880,000 (Children)

Night safari tours and getting to know nocturnal animals. In addition, you will also see African-style fire dance performances. Not only that, this package also provides a welcome drink to welcome you around starting your wildlife journey.

Elephant Safari

  • 1,250,000 (Adult)
  • 1,000,000 (Children)

This tour package is a more exclusive and private package that includes unlimited safari tours and fast tracks. In addition, you can also experience a journey riding on an elephant’s back and of course wildlife presentations and education. You will also get a welcome drink and the opportunity to take one photo with the animals.


  • 1,750,000 (Adult)
  • 1,500,000 (Children)

The most expensive Bali Safari ticket price is the rhino package. This package provides the most complete experience for you to enjoy. It includes all the packages available in the Elephant Safari, plus lunch with lions at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant. You can also play water in the Water Play Zone and various other benefits.

All available tour packages will adhere to the schedule and of course also depend on the weather on that day. So it’s important to choose good weather for vacation so as not to hinder your vacation and get the maximum experience.

This consideration is also a commitment from Bali Safari and Marine Park itself to prioritize animal welfare. Besides being a wildlife attraction, Bali Safari and Marine Park is also a conservation site.

For age information, Adults will be determined if you are over 12 years old, Children are aged 3-12 years, while those under 3 years old are categorized as babies.


Mara River Safari Lodge

Mara River Safari Lodge Bali is a hotel located in the area of ​​Bali Safari and Marine Park. This hotel provides a unique experience of staying in the middle of the wild animal habitat. You will experience a stay where around your accommodation, wild animals will pass by. However, you don’t need to worry, because the animals around the accommodation are tame herbivores.

In this hotel area, there is also a restaurant called Tsavo Lion Restaurant. This restaurant is also very unique where you will dine with lions. However, the lions in this restaurant will be obstructed by thick glass. So you can still eat safely while seeing the lion life around you.

The hotel also has a swimming pool and a health and spa center. In addition, there is also live music entertainment to pamper your vacation.

This hotel is indeed not included in the Bali Safari ticket price which is the coverage of each tour package described earlier. So Mara River Safari Lodge has its own price and the price range depends on the number of guests, length of stay, date of stay, and the policy of the hotel itself.


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Your vacation in Bali is incomplete without trying one of the adventure tours in Ubud by riding an ATV. There are various trails that you will pass, through forests and rivers, rice fields and villages, will pamper your eyes and provide a vacation experience that will impress your friends.

We provide various ATV vehicle options with the best quality to traverse winding muddy forest roads and clear rivers. Our ATVs will guarantee your safety because we provide strict safety standards as one of our commitments to ensure your safety.

In addition, the price is also cheap, cheaper than the Bali Safari ticket price. In addition, we also have various holiday package options full of adventure such as rafting, mountain climbing, and forest tours. Various complete adventure packages are available with us.

Well, if you like challenges and the beauty of nature, we will provide the best for you. Various vacation packages that you can choose through the Ubud Quad Biking website homepage. Experience an unforgettable challenging adventure on the beautiful island of Bali.

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Bali Safari Ticket Price and Various Tour Packages

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