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Bali Night Zoo – Observing Nocturnal Animals at Night

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Bali Night Zoo – Observing Nocturnal Animals at Night

Bali Night Zoo

Zoos are indeed enjoyable recreational spots for families. Witnessing animals firsthand, which we might only see on YouTube, fills us with wonder, especially if they are diverse and have unique physical characteristics. And perhaps what we rarely see are animals that are active at night. Since most zoos are open during the day, they don’t exhibit this type of animal. You may need to know about Bali Night Zoo, which will introduce you to unique nocturnal animals. Let’s delve into it fully.


Facts about Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal animals are those active at night and sleep during the day. These animals have their own uniqueness compared to diurnal animals. Because of their nighttime activity, they possess unique abilities as an adaptation to the dark environment, such as better vision, quieter movements, and unique hunting techniques.

Most nocturnal animals are predators, while a small portion are fruit-eaters and herbivores. The nighttime predatory activities are quite fascinating, as their prey consists of sleeping animals, and sometimes their prey are also nocturnal.

Hence, you need to see their uniqueness at Bali Night Zoo. Here are some facts about nocturnal animals you should know:


1. Enhanced Sensory Abilities

Nocturnal animals have superior sensory abilities. This is an evolutionary adaptation to their activities. For example, owls have larger corneas, allowing them to see in low light conditions. Or wolves have sharp senses of smell for hunting.


2. Moving Silently

Another adaptive ability is their stealthy hunting. Their ability to move silently is one of their unique traits. For instance, nocturnal animals like cats can tread silently due to pads on their feet that dampen sound. Or owls have finer feathers compared to other birds, allowing them to flap more quietly. Additionally, owls can rotate their heads 180 degrees to survey their surroundings silently.


3. Unique Sounds

Nocturnal animals produce sounds that might seem eerie because their sounds are often faint as nighttime is a quieter time. The sounds they make are a form of communication among themselves. When you visit Bali Night Zoo, you’ll get to listen to sounds of animals you’ve never heard before.


4. Nighttime Activity as Protection

Some animals become nocturnal as a way to protect themselves. Nocturnal animals feel safer since most predators are active during the day. Additionally, they benefit from avoiding the heat of the sun, preferring cooler temperatures.


5. Camouflage

Nocturnal animals also have unique camouflage; the colors on their bodies make them hard to spot in low light. For example, bats have dark colors. Moreover, the colors and patterns of feathers on owls make them difficult to identify when perched on trees. When you visit Bali Night Zoo, you can observe how they camouflage themselves.


Bali Night Zoo – Bali Safari and Marine Park

If you’re in Bali, you must visit Bali Safari and Marine Park. What makes this safari park unique is that they offer nighttime safari tours to observe animal activities at night.

Moreover, this place provides education about animals, so you’re not just sightseeing; you’ll also learn about the animals, their behaviors, origins, and hunting techniques. You’ll feel lik

e you’re watching National Geographic live at this particular Bali Night Zoo.

Located in Gianyar Bali, it’s part of the same group as Taman Safari Indonesia. Bali Safari Park also serves as a conservation site to protect endangered and threatened animals. The park is designed to mimic the natural habitats of the animals there, allowing them to experience their native habitat in the wild.

So, in this Bali Night Zoo, you won’t just stroll around observing caged animals. It’ll feel more like an adventurous journey through the habitats of wild animals. Imagine venturing into the lion and tiger habitats at night; it’ll definitely be an exhilarating experience.

But don’t worry; this Bali Night Zoo ensures complete safety. So, your adventure in the habitats of these animals won’t be dangerous but thrilling.


Experience You’ll Have

If you visit Bali Safari and Marine Park at night, you’ll have a unique experience at Bali Night Zoo. It’s not just about seeing animals; there are shows you can enjoy too. Here’s what you’ll experience there.


1. Walking Safari

Bali Night Zoo

First, you’ll go on a 15-minute walking safari at Bali Night Zoo. You’ll be guided by a tour guide who will introduce you to various animals and their uniqueness. The most unique animals are the endemic species of Indonesia, such as proboscis monkeys, Komodo dragons, white tigers, and many more.


2. Interacting with Animals

Besides observing and getting to know the animals, you can also interact with them. Of course, only safe and trained animals that are friendly to humans. You can take close-up photos with them or even feed them.


3. Night Safari Tram

Bali Night Zoo

This is the main and most thrilling activity. You’ll board a tram and journey through the depths of the forest, where nocturnal predators hunt for prey. Here, you can observe their hunting activities. While in most daytime zoos, you might see lions and tigers sleeping and relaxing, here you witness them in their natural habitat.

You’ll not only see predators but also get a closer look at the activities of nocturnal herbivores at Bali Night Zoo. So, prepare yourself for an exciting journey through the forest.


4. African Fire Dance

Bali Night Zoo

You’ll also be treated to an African fire dance show. This performance is called the African Rhythm Fire Dance Show. You can witness mesmerizing performances by dancers and unique traditional music. Moreover, the fire used as props will flicker in the dim light of the night, making the show even more dazzling.


5. Dine with Lions

Bali Night Zoo

You’ll also enjoy dinner with lions at the Tsavo Lion Restaurant. It’s a dining place surrounded by lion enclosures. You can enjoy delicious food while watching the activities of these fierce animals. Of course, the lions here are safely separated from you by thick glass barriers, ensuring your safety.

That’s the joy you’ll experience at Bali Night Zoo. Where else can you experience nighttime wildlife safari? It’ll surely be even more amazing with other spectacular shows.


ATV Night Safari Package

For those who want to maximize their holiday experience in Bali, we offer the best deal. Ubud Quad Biking will provide you with an enjoyable experience riding ATVs and exploring the forest at night.

You’ll ride ATVs into dense forests with the dim moonlight and ATV lights. You’ll feel the excitement of traversing rugged and muddy terrain in the forest and passing through vast rice fields.

You’ll also see the diversity of flora and fauna and various nocturnal animal activities in the forest. Discover exotic wonders you’ve never encountered elsewhere with us.

We’ll also pick you up and safely drop you back at your hotel. Visit our homepage for more comprehensive package options with Ubud Quad Biking.

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Bali Night Zoo – Observing Nocturnal Animals at Night

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