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Bali Horse Riding : Embark on The Adventurous Ride

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Bali Horse Riding : Embark on The Adventurous Ride

Bali, the enchanting island of the gods, lures travelers with its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and captivating landscapes. In addition to the usual tourist attractions, there is a unique experience waiting to be discovered – horseback riding through the island’s breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a curious beginner, Bali horse riding offers experiences tailored to your needs.

Bali Horse Riding: Unveiling The Diverse Terrains

Bali has a variety of terrains, providing different trails for your journey. You can try to ride on some of these tracks.

Inari Walk: Bali is immersed in the heart of agricultural heritage. Travel through lush green rice paddies, see the intricate irrigation system (subak), and enjoy the tranquility of rural life. The gentle pace immerses you in the panorama of swaying rice stalks and the vibrant colors of the Balinese countryside.

Black Beach: Running along Bali’s iconic black sand beach offers a unique landscape. Volcanic sands create a dramatic backdrop as you cruise the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The sound of crashing waves and the cool sea breeze add an exciting touch to your trip.

Jungle Quest: Go on an adventure in the green jungles of Bali. Follow old trails that wind through dense rainforests and encounter exotic flora and fauna. Look out for playful monkeys swinging in the trees and colorful birds flying among the leaves.

Temple Trots: Combine your love of horses with Bali’s rich cultural heritage. Drive past ancient Hindu temples in picturesque landscapes. Stop in a local village to see a traditional lifestyle, it seems that time is quiet.

Sunrise or sunset rooms: Experience Bali’s magic in Bali’s golden dawn or chair. Watch the sky turn into a canvas of vibrant colors as you drive along the scenic trails. These trips offer moments of peace and a chance to connect with the beauty of nature.

Bali Horse Riding: Choosing The Right Experience

Riding Experience: Are you an experienced rider looking for a challenging hike, or a beginner looking for a gentle introduction? Most stables cater to all skill levels, offering a variety of trails and well-trained horses. Be upfront about your experience when making a booking.

Riding Duration: Horseback riding tours in Bali range from short, one-hour adventures to full-day excursions. Choose a length that fits your schedule and comfort level.

Choosing a location: Do you dream of driving along the coast or rice fields? Think about what kind of nature you want to experience and research stables located in these areas.

Additional activities: Some stables offer packages that combine horseback riding with other activities, such as swimming at a secluded beach, visiting a traditional village or enjoying a delicious local lunch.

Learn The Safety Guidelines

Do Some Research: Read online reviews, check the security certificate, and ask about the guideline experience.

Suitable clothing and shoes: Wear comfortable pants, tracks and finger shoes, and a good grip. To protect you from the blazing sun, be sure to bring some head gear such as hats and sunscreen.

Listen to your guide: Your guide is an expert on horses and trails, so it’s important to listen carefully to the instructions given.

Respect the Horses: Treat them as you treat a human being. Ask the guide to install and remove the saddle. Do not make sudden movements or loud noises that may disturb the horse. Be aware of your surroundings: Pay attention to the trail and any potential hazards. Keep a safe distance from other riders and watch out for wildlife.

Beyond the Ride: The Allure of Balinese Horses

The horses used in Bali are mainly a mixture of local breeds known as the Sandalwood Pony and the Bali Pony. These hardy and gentle animals have adapted well to the island’s terrain, making them ideal for horseback riding adventures. Although smaller than their Western counterparts, they are known for their strength, endurance, and docile temperament.

Horses have traditionally played an important role in agriculture and transportation in Bali. Today, they remain a beloved part of Balinese culture, often featured in religious ceremonies and festivals.

Enjoying Bali Horse Riding

Driving Bali not only gives beautiful scenes. This is an opportunity to communicate with nature and feel the unique culture of the island. For a truly memorable experience, there are a few additional aspects to consider:

Dress for the occasion: While comfort is key, consider adding some Balinese flair to your trip. A lightweight scarf or sarong in vibrant colors can add a dash of local style.

Capture the Memories: The picturesque landscapes and the opportunity to capture yourself on horseback amidst stunning scenery are moments you’ll want to cherish forever.

Learn about local culture: Many stables offer the opportunity to interact with local villagers and learn about their traditions. Take the time to experience the warm hospitality of the Balinese people.

Support responsible tourism: choose a stable that prioritizes horse welfare. Look for a facility that provides adequate grooming, prevents excessive workload, and ensures that the horse has shade, water, and rest time.

Give back: Consider leaving a tip for your guides, who play a vital role in ensuring your safety and enjoyment.


Horseback riding in Bali is more than just a tourist activity, it is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the soul of the island. It is a journey of discovery, a connection with nature, and a unique cultural experience. So sit back and embark on an adventure that will leave you with a lasting impression on the Island of the Gods.

In addition, some stables may offer opportunities to volunteer or donate to organizations that support the welfare of horses in Bali. Also, you can take part in Balinese cultural preservation which has been done for many centuries.

Another thing to add, you can also book combined tours with other excursions to have a full-circle experience of the Bali adventure. Some of the activities that you could try are; quad biking, rafting, tubing, and many more.

By the next time, you’re in Bali and want to have the most adventurous experience of your life. Bali Horse Riding could be the perfect option to enjoy the beauty and majesty of Balinese natural wonders

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Bali Horse Riding : Embark on The Adventurous Ride

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