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Bali Bird – Witnessing the Beauty of Bali’s Endemic Birds

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Bali Bird – Witnessing the Beauty of Bali’s Endemic Birds

Bali Bird

Bali is not just about its beaches and culture. This island, located in Indonesia, also boasts another attraction, especially its endemic wildlife, particularly birds. Indonesia itself is a country that harbors various protected endemic species. These animals are a unique attraction to the world, and you should know about the beauty of Bali’s wildlife, especially the Bali Starling and the largest bird conservation site in Bali, the Bali Bird Park. We will discuss this comprehensively in the following article.


What Are the Endemic Birds of Bali?

There are several birds that can be categorized as typical Balinese birds and can only be found on the island. Below are some of the species:


1. Bali Starling

Bali Bird

One of the most iconic and famous Bali Birds is the Bali Starling. This bird is one of the species that can only be found on the island of Bali, especially in the forests located in the west of the island.

This bird measures 25 cm, which can be categorized as a medium-sized bird. Additionally, it is known for its melodious chirping.

The physical characteristics of the Bali Starling include predominantly white plumage, with almost 90% of its body covered in clean white feathers. Additionally, there is black coloring on the feathers at the tips of its wings and tail. It has blue eyes with a sharp shape and a crest on its head, which is only present in male birds.

2. Buffy Fish Owl

Bali Bird

If you’re fond of owls, you might be interested in one of the species known as the Buffy Fish Owl. This bird is still within the owl family. It’s also called the Malay Eagle-Owl, resembling an owl in shape but with feather patterns similar to an eagle.

Physically, this bird resembles typical owls with dark gray feathers mixed with white on its belly. Its entire body is yellow, with only its beak and legs visible, as most of its body is covered by feathers. It has horizontal ear tufts, adding to the beauty of this Bali Bird.


3. Long-tailed Shrike

Bali Bird

The Long-tailed Shrike is often referred to as Cendet in Bahasa. This bird preys on insects and is often found in rice fields and plantations. Although more commonly found in Papua, it is also present in Bali.

Physically, the Long-tailed Shrike measures 25 cm and has black, brown, and white coloring. Its body is gray, with black wings and white spots. It has a black mask-like pattern on its head, straight across its eyes, giving it a distinctive appearance.

This bird also has a melodious chirp. Unfortunately, it is often captured as a pet, and its chirping is often used in bird singing competitions.


4. Javan Myna

Bali Bird

Another Bali Bird is the Javan Myna. This bird can be found in Java and Bali. Its habitat is usually in forests or even seen in tea and coffee plantations. Their habitat adapts to their diet, which primarily consists of nectar. The Javan Myna is also an endangered species due to habitat loss.

Physically, this bird is small, measuring around 12 cm. The red plumage covering its head to back gives it a beautiful appearance. Additionally, it has a brownish-green color on its lower back with a purple tail. The bright colors make this bird even more beautiful.


These are some of the species of Bali Birds, which are endemic birds, and some of them are heavily hunted by humans. Therefore, these birds need to be conserved to maintain their existence as fauna wealth in Indonesia and the world.


Bali Bird Park – Unique Bird Fauna Tour in Bali

For those who want to see the uniqueness of endemic birds or even bird lovers visiting Bali, we recommend visiting the Bali Bird Park. This park is located in the Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. It’s located 12 km from Denpasar and can be reached in about an hour by car.

The Bird Park features a variety of bird species from Indonesia, Africa, and Latin America. The location is also vast, covering three villages. Besides birds, the park also showcases various reptile species and one of the largest lizards in the world, the Komodo Dragon.

Of course, the Bali Bird Park also exhibits Bali Bird species with their uniqueness, and you can even interact directly with these birds. Here are the unique features of the Bali Bird Park:


1. Natural Bird Habitat

The birds in this park are not confined to cages; instead, the place is designed to resemble their natural habitats. As we know, birds often perch on trees; thus, the place is designed like a forest with many trees, adding to the lush atmosphere and cool air.


2. Reptile Garden

As mentioned earlier, the Bali Bird Park is not just a place to showcase birds but also features a reptile garden. You can see various types of reptiles here, each with different shapes, patterns, and sizes. You might become a reptile enthusiast as well.


3. Bird Attractions

The Bali Bird Park also hosts bird attractions at certain times. You can witness how the park keepers feed and perform tricks with the birds. Their amusing antics and beautiful colors will captivate you. Additionally, you can interact directly with them by feeding them.


4. Zoning Areas

Zoning areas are designed with specific nuances. At the Bali Bird Park, you can see areas designed with Balinese, African, Latin American, and Australian buildings. So, you won’t get bored with this place. Plus, the cool air due to the lush trees adds to the ambiance.


These are places you can visit if you’re curious about Bali Birds. It’s similar to a zoo but exclusively showcasing birds and reptiles, with a wider variety of species.


ATV and Bali Bird Park Holiday Package

For those in Bali, Ubud Quad Biking offers the best holiday package you can experience. We offer ATV riding adventures through lush forests with steep terrain and various challenges that will stimulate your adrenaline. Then, we’ll take you to witness various bird attractions at the Bali Bird Park.

Our package includes pick-up from your hotel or residence in Bali, and we’ll drop you back afterward. Your safety and security are our top priorities.

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Bali Bird – Witnessing the Beauty of Bali’s Endemic Birds

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