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Best Spot to Enjoy in Pasut Beach Bali

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Best Spot to Enjoy in Pasut Beach Bali

Pasut Beach may not be as popular as the other beaches in Bali: Jimbaran, Kuta, etc. However, this black-sanded beach has attracted many tourists not only because of its beauty but also because of the cooling breeze and probably the best sunset view in Bali

Even though it is not that famous, surely this beach has a lot to offer for you to enjoy the enchanting beach in Bali without too many crowd flocks around. This place is also perfect for you to do some adventures, so here are our best spots to enjoy Pasut Beach Bali that surely could make your vacation more memorable

The Crooked Palm Tree

Taking a photograph under the palm tree? Boring! Well, this viral palm tree is one of the spots in Pasut Beach that surely you don’t want to miss. This crooked tree formed naturally and, you can stand or sit on top of it, you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise or sunset on this tree and be mesmerized by the magic of Balinese beach

Since it has no safety guard be sure to be careful due to the slightly slippery nature of the palm tree. Best to have another person to guard you from below to minimize accidents that may happen such as slipping or falling.

Palm Forest

Besides the crooked tree, palm forest is another place that you should try. This little “forest” is perfect for taking any picturesque shots that would look very great on your social media. You can sit and relax in the grass around you or take a snapshot at the abandoned hut in the middle of the forest

Not only that, but you could also swing away at their swing. The best time to use this swing is during the afternoon as not many crowd around the beach and you can swing as much as you want.

However, you have to pay 10K for the entrance fee if you come during the afternoon. Plus, its much busier people during that time so best to come before that so you don’t have to pay

A Tip for you, since the tree still actively producing coconuts. Be sure to take a look around you to avoid any falling fruits.

Amarta Beach Retreat

If you want to chill out after playing around, not too far from there you can visit Amarta Beach Retreat which is only a few minute’s drive from the beach. You can stay and watch the sunset from the hotel or villa, and to make it more romantic you can enjoy the sunset while dipping in the jacuzzi at their Ocean Jacuzzi Suites

Or if you want to celebrate your special moment with the majestic background of Pasut Beach sunsets you can use the many choices of their venues that you can choose from.

You can also dine or sip some of their best-selling drinks at Lily by the Sea while enjoying the captivating sunsets with your dearest ones

Other Spots to Enjoy Pasut Beach

Local Warung

If you’re feeling that dining at the restaurant is too expensive and searching for something far cheaper but still able to enjoy the best moments on the beach, you can always stop by at the warungs along the road, and immerse yourself with the locals while enjoying snacks and instant coffee. Maybe you will get a new place to go by asking the locals, just prepare cash on hand, because some of these warungs may not accept cashless payments.

On a Quad

What could be better than enjoying the sunset in Bali while riding a Quad? You can drive around the beach enjoying the sea breeze, stopping in the middle of the beach while enjoying the sun down alone or with your people close to you. You can rent an ATV or book a tour specific to this beach.


Pasut Beach remains a hidden gem in Bali, even though not many visitors if you’re looking to enjoy the beautiful Balinese beaches but minus the crowd then this will be perfect for you.

You can do a lot of activities here, from swinging at their palm forest, sleeping on the hammock that the locals made around the beach, driving around with a quad, or dipping your toes in the sea. The calming atmosphere makes this beach perfect for you to relax and enjoy the inner tranquility

However, the downside of this beach is the amount of trash that you can find scattered around the beach, so please to keep the cleanliness of the beach and help to at least clean even just a tiny bit, and enjoy your time in Pasut Beach Bali

Enjoy the Beach with Ubud Quad Biking

Bored of rice paddies scenery or muddy trails? Looking for something exciting? Well, why don’t you try our selection of beach-designed packages? With Ubud Quad Biking, you can trail away on the beach with the best quad that we have.

You can book a selection of designed beach tours or just rent out the ATV for riding on the beach. Whether it’s a solo ATV or Tandem, we surely will provide you with the best equipment and services that make you want to come back to Bali again and again

Starting from 685K IDR, you can book our solo Quad to cruise the beach, but we suggest you come near the sunset so you can enjoy the best view possible. Or if you want something more exciting, try our beach package. Not only you can enjoy trailblazing on the beach, but you can also trail around rice paddies, and waterfalls and end at the beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery

By booking a Beach ATV or Beach ATV Package at Ubud Quad Biking, you will get transportation, towels, free snacks, and a friendly local guide.

What are you waiting for, head over to our website to find out more, or if you want more detail about these packages you can always head to our offices or chat with our sales team to learn more.







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Best Spot to Enjoy in Pasut Beach Bali

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